February 14, 2023

Lester Matthews Celebrates Valentine’s Day with a Single - “Ximatsatsa” ft Thuto SA

The song is inspired by first love, the moment you see that girl that makes you think “I need to get married right now”

Why did you decide to Release it on Valentine’s Day?

it’s a love song type vibe, so it seemed fit to release it on a day that people are celebrating love.

How long did it take for the whole project to complete?

Not really sure, it takes awhile for projects to go through all the steps, from writing, recording, mixing etc

Who did you work with on this Song?

I worked with Thuto SA

How do you expect the audience to respond to this Song?

I except them to vibe with the song and let the melody take them on a ride

Lester Matthews | South African Rapper

Are we expecting a remix for this song anytime soon?

probably, you never know

Shout Outs

Everyone who will be playing this song


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Facebook – Lester Matthews ZA

Twitter – @Odd_Lester

Instagram – @real_musanda


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