March 29, 2023

Smaddy Wend Drops - Nelstalgic (Single) on His Birthday

Smaddy Wend - Nelstalgic 

Oxford dictionary defines nostalgia as, "a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past." NELSTALGIC is a combination of my name 'Nel' & the feeling of nostalgia which is referred as nostalgic. The song is is about how I feel whenever I think about the past, you know growing up, I've always thought life revolves around looking cool & having some affection towards girls, 'cause why else would a nigga wanna look cool, it's all for the ladies. Now grown up, at the age of 22, I look at the past & I feel that the memories of wilding out so caring about public affection was fun while it lasted. Right about, we're grown, and the goal is to make it big, achieve more success & retire both my mother & father


Why did you decide to Release it on Your Birthday Day?

I am a very active artist in grounds of distributing music, I release a lot of it. Now since my parents listen to my music every now & then, today is my birthday & that alone can have them spare a few attention towards their boy, so this day was accurate for the release cause as we speak my mother has already acknowledged the song & she sings the bright that goes, "my momma, my momma... my poppa, my poppa.." it is a great motive when you hear that your parents acknowledge, understand & support your purpose in life. As my father always tells me, "you can't force your child to be someone or something he doesn't inspire to be, cause in the near future you will be responsible for their miserable life of failure. The best you can do, is support & help 'em climb." Today I was just letting them know that I acknowledge my age, time is still on my side, reminding them that the past is left in the past.


How long did it take for the whole project to complete?

Early this month, I went to Pretoria to visit my boy D$llar Bilĺ-Rsa for a studio session, he wanted me to do a verse on one of his tracks for his upcoming album. We engaged in a conversation about uplifting the community, and charity works where we could, and he played me this other project/song which was meant for a local brand of clothing. He told me that they asked him to do a song to rep. their brand, but they never used the song, so when he played me that song, I fell in love with the beat & I remember telling him that I wanted it. I didn't leave his apartment without the beat, I waited for him as he remastered it. If I had to measure hours or minutes it took to write the song, I'd estimate it to be around 30 minutes of both the verses, the hook & bridge. The only thing I took my time on was the mixing & mastering of the song, I believe I gave myself a week to master the song, all of that in everyday 30 minutes per day, I didn't want to rush it like I always do. I wanted to deliver a quality mastered song since I took it the instrument from a hard working quality producer. I didn't want to let him down, he served me with a great instrument, so I had to deliver. So, I took a couple of weeks to master it, writing for me ain't no hard job, mastering is, so I saved that for last & I took it with patience & the outcome is just mesmerizing.


How z do you expect the audience to respond to this Song since you dropped it on your Birthday?

Exactly like they did, when I dropped the snippet, a lot of people who are close to me, my fans rather, were waiting on it with anticipation. One of my colleagues actually wanted a verse, and he wrote a whole verse & pitched it to me. I loved the verse actually, it went to show that I had inspired the guy with just a 30 seconds snippet of that hook. And I believe we will have to do a remix of the song evidently.


Are we expecting a remix for this song anytime soon?

Oh yes! Like I said, I dropped a snippet & my boy Jaed $ix was hungry for a verse in that project, he was durange, crazy, boy was on fire cause he wrote a verse within an hour of viewing that snippet & he sent me the lyrics as well as a video of him rapping to be beat, like that was a hundred percent perfect pitch I've ever seen, so yeah. I can't close doors on him, we're definitely planning on making a remix, and we can hopefully drop a music video for the remix. Since Jaed doesn't have his own studio, he's planning of buying a session, once he books a session & record his part. The rest will be taken care of, and I'll announce when the remix may drop.

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Shout Out

I'd like to send a shout out to Jah, Higher God, for blessing me with the time I've seen & been able to use as I did. Followed by my parents, "my momma, and my poppa" lastly, I'd like to send a shout out to my girl, she's been good to me. Take care! Lmfao!!


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