October 22, 2021

Soweto Rapper "Stax Masiza" Shares His Experiences in the Hip hop Game around His Hood

Thamsanqa “Stax Masiza” is a Rapper and Songwriter from Dobsonville, Soweto. He was born in Florida just outside Roodepoort in Johannesburg. As a teen Stax Masiza used to have Big Dreams to make it as a house music DJ one day, until He met one of his best Friends Mbali “M6Beats” Sixishe, back in 2010. They shared many years together at their boarding school in Krugersdorp, where M6Beats eventually inspired Stax to start rapping.They then started making Music together and never stopped until this day. Now Stax is looking to be that breath of fresh air that the South African music industry needs, by sharing his musical gifts and knowledge with the rest of the world!

From being a House Music DJ to Rapping, what Differences and Similarities have you realized between the two Genres?

I wasn’t officially a House Music DJ but I was headed towards that direction though. They both are different sounds but at the end of the day it’s just music. They both evoke some kind of an emotion since both genres can have depth to them.

What is the Good and the Bad thing about Hip hop around Your Hood?

The good thing is that My Hip hop inspires the people around Me (in My Hood) to do better in their Lives and go for their Dreams. The not so Good thing is that it’s hard to fill up some Hip hop events since we can’t gather crowds as big as other genres would.

Stax Masiza... What is the Story behind this Stage Name?

The name started off as a high school joke by My producer M6Beats. He used to call me “Stax on Stax on Stax” because I told Him I wanted to Rap and he assumed I’d be Rapping like those gents that made that song “Racks on Racks on Racks”. Eventually I became more lyrical with My Raps and they started calling me just “Stax”. When I become more serious about My Music, I had problems uploading it on mainstream streaming services because there were a lot of Stax’s out there. So, I just decided to add my real Surname next to it and that’s how “Stax Masiza” was born.

How did You meet Overdose and how is the experience working with Him?

Overdose is a super talented dude. I met him in 2017 through one of my friends C-Dawg while I was still staying in CPT. They invited C-Dawg to the studio session and He decided to go with Me since I was a musician too.

Working with Overdose is cool. He’s such a dope emcee that he pushes everyone to be at their best when it comes to writing, recording or producing etc. I’d definitely like to work with him more often in the future.

Two Rappers Stax Masiza & Overdose Drop Visuals for a Hit - Cpt 2 Jozi

What is the Motive behind most of Your Writings?

My Motive is to try and tell a Story of something. Even if it’s a turn up track, there has to be some sort of message in the music otherwise you’re wasting people’s time.

How is the Response from Family and Friends towards Your Music Journey?

My friends do Support Me big time. They Share My Content and Rock up to ama gigs awami, even if they are ekasi. My Family wasn’t always down for the music, especially My Parents. But I think they’ll loosen up a bit once they see me going places with it. But My Siblings and Cousins do show Me a lot of Love when it comes to the Music & I appreciate that a lot.

What is One thing that Many of the Upcoming Rappers do that delays their Breakthrough in the Rap Game?

Man, I’d be a hypocrite to answer that question because nami I haven’t figured out the formula yet to breakthrough. I’m still trying to get in the game too. But I’d say if we work together to achieve our mutual goals, then things can be a lot easier yabo. Instead of us moving like crabs in a bucket. There’s strength in numbers & teamwork makes the dreamworld uyangthola?

Few years to come, where will Stax Masiza be?

I can’t predict the future but I’d like to believe that I’d be in a better position than I currently am right now. I’m constantly trying to level up, so only God know where I’ll be in the near future.

Who is Your Celebrity Crush and Why?

I don’t really have a celebrity crush. I just admire them from far and keep it moving, since I am currently together with my actual crush. But I will say there’s quite a lot of nice celebrities here in mzansi. Just can’t give you any names hahaha ?

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Instagram: @stax_masiza
Facebook: StaxMasiza

Shout Outs

I’d like to send Love to all My Friends, Family and Supporters in both Cape Town and Jozi. Y’all have been Rocking with me since day 1 and I appreciate you nonke kakhulu. Shoutouts to all the Producers & Videographers I’ve worked With. Let’s keep making Magic, Danko!! Most importantly, shoutout to God for Blessing Me with this Talent. Without Him, I wouldn’t be answering these questions right now.

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