October 6, 2021

Two Rappers Stax Masiza & Overdose Drop Visuals for a Hit - Cpt 2 Jozi

This song was created back in 2020 in Overdose’s home studio, while Stax Masiza was still living in Cape Town. The 2 artists have a history of working on various songs together that were widely known across Hout Bay, where they both were living at the time. The UK Drill instrumental was created by DJ Universe, who also recorded the 2 artists on the very same day he played the beat for them. The song Cpt 2 Jozi is split into 4 fire verses where Stax & O.D go bar for bar, while adding a proudly South African flavour with the use of Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans and other vernaculars onto this hit record.

The music video was shot in 2 different cities to pay homage to both artist’s hometowns, just like the title of the record suggests (Cape Town 2 Jozi). We see popular locations like the Dobsonville Stadium in Soweto, where Stax Masiza grew up, as well as some scenes shot in Hangberg, Hout Bay where Overdose is currently based. It was shot by one of Cape Town’s best film specialists, HD Produxions, who continuously break boundaries with the power of their creativity and unconventional style of music video productions.

They story behind the song is that Overdose and Stax Masiza were planning to take over the South African music industry one city at a time, starting with Cape Town and Jozi (Johannesburg). Both emcees are lyricists, who met a few years ago while they were both still living in Hout Bay. They aimed to show the world how amazing music can be when people bring their different cultural backgrounds together to create something proudly South African to the hip-hop scene. They’re showcasing our country to the rest of the world, by adding their own unique twist to the UK Drill sound, which is currently booming on radio stations worldwide.


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