June 2, 2023

Yung tj SA Runs Univen Hip hop 2023 | Congratulations

Out of 7 Nominees, there were over 2.2K votes and the Rapper Yung tj SA managed to score 963 votes That made him a runner up for “Who Runs Univen Hip hop 2023”

Here’s how he feels;

Well I feel excited, for me this is very exciting mainly because I needed this, soon as I was alerted of this competition I told myself I was going to join and when I do, I’ll win it


Why do you think You won this competition?

I believe that I didn’t win this competition only coz of my Talemt but also my hard work and passion, each and everyday I made sure I communicated with people to vote for me, when some asked why me I gave them my music links and the talent spoke more volume and that really helped me to take the first place


• If you were to vote for one Rapper amongst your competitors, who would you vote for and why?

For me it would be Preddy Bone Rsa, I feel like he showed more passion and interest in this competition, me and him had the least votes on the first day and first 4 hours but through hard work, we turned the tables so I believe he deserved my vote more than everyone coz I value hard work.

What do you want to say to those who didn’t win and those who will be part of this movement in 2024?

To everyone who didn’t win, imma just say; Just because you didn’t win, it doesn’t mean you not good enough, no you are but that’s the outcome the game, there can only be one winner, keep doing what u do best and that’s making music and one day you’ll bag something, and to everyone who will be joining the competition next year, plz don’t take this lightly, small as it seems, if u really love music this is huge!

Follow Yung tj On:

Facebook – Yung tj SA

Twitter – @YungtjSA

Instagram – @yung_tj_sa

Shout Outs

S/O to success man for hustling the contacts and combing me to join this competition, all my friends who had my back when sharing this link, I can’t name them 1by1 coz they were a lot who helped me win this and to all my voters I love you all and I’m grateful for this.



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