May 18, 2023

Univen Student and Rapper - Truce-Tee on why he writes about Love, Peace and Prosperity

Vutlhari Ubisi aka Truce-Tee is a rapper from Bushbucridge (in Mpumalanga) but currently stays at Thohoyandou (in Limpopo)

Who Got you into hip hop?

I always had the love for Hip hop since I was a little kid

What is the Good and the Bad thing about hip hop around your hood?

The good thing about it is that it inspires us to follow our purpose but on the other hand it influences the youth to take drugs on the process

What do you write about on most of your songs?

I write about Love, peace and prosperity

How’s is the response from your fellow Univen Mates towards your Music Journey?

The response is great and most of the time I get motivation from them that I must never quit.

Truce-Tee; What’s the Story behind this Stage Name?

Truce-Tee it is simple as it implies the ideal meaning of truce. the word truce means peace between two sworn enemies and since I'm a civil guy I decided to name myself Truce to ignite peace

How Do You Balance Your Music and Your Studies?

I study for two hours and take a break just to write a few words on my notebook, then after; I go back to studying. Most of the time I get motivation from my schoolwork, that I gotta push on the music side if it happens school doesn't work out.

Few Years to Come, Where will Truce-Tee be?

Truce is going to be your Favorite artist. One of the biggest in my area is where I see myself in few years.


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Shout Outs

S/O to Steezy Jayde and of course Truce-tee for always being Truce-tee

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