February 21, 2019

Meet The Curator Of Electronic, Rn'B and Trap Music DJ: ANDRD18


 ANDRO̲ID 18. (stylized ANDRD18.) is the pseudonym of Simone Tilly - a Johannesburg based DJ, curator and graduate Town and Regional Planner that plays a spectrum of eclectic music genres from alternative – electronic, future bass to rnb – trap music. 

Her sonic journey began unexpectedly, in late 2016 as she tapped into her inner creativity and saw music as a medium of choice for self-expression. Through Pussy Party which exists to create a regular platform for femme DJs and artists to practice, incubate, exchange, and expose. She mostly plays within the underground music scene in Johannesburg. Having conquered a milestone in August 2018 as an addition to the Oppikoppi Festival line up playing at the Red Bull Music stage makes her a rising force to be reckoned with.

She describes music as a sort of creative energy that connects people of all culture. To her, emotive musical selections are personal and somewhat therapeutic. She draws inspiration from nature and the likes of Hannah Faith, ANG, Just Themba and Soulection.

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What inspired you to do “Eclectic Transpersonal Music”?

I love being a genre-bending artist, it just creates that narrative of blending different feels and frequencies together to create a sonic odyssey - being transpersonal in a sense that it can elevate and evoke your mood beyond the physical, and we get to exchange energy on the dancefloor.

What is your say about Ladies being Classified as "Female DJs" while guys are just DJs?

Honestly, it’s really biased. I don’t even think it is something that should still be debated in 2019. Sometimes male DJs / promoters feel quite intimidated by us “female DJs”, so they’ll rather redirect it to gender than actually just admitting or complimenting the fact that you are a great DJ despite being “female’’.

What is the Good and The Worst thing about a Club DJ?

Ha-ha, the good thing is that you give people what they want to hear - on the other side, it limits you sometimes as people in the club are not as open to experiencing new / alternative sounds.

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ANDRD 18.  ... What is the story behind this stage name?

*chuckles* I actually really struggled coming up with a stage name, then one day I just had a random moment, apart from the fact that I am HUGE Dragon ball Z fan, I wanted something really unique and not the cliché “DJ’’ stage name.

(fun fact: when you plug an aux cable into an ‘Android’ phone, it basically plays all types of music 😉

What are your future plans towards the DJing journey and meeting new people?

Well, at the moment I’m just trying to align and channel my creative energy into mastering and perfecting my craft - Music is interrelated to space, so I would love to use this as a medium to travel the world, share Mzansi’s flavour, explore new cultures and different scenes. The future is unknown but I am looking forward to soaking myself into all elements of DJing and the art of music production.

What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ? As an attendee?

I made a debut at the Oppikoppi Festival last year, it was such a jol and a breath-taking experience both as a DJ and attendee, the crowd, the vibe and atmosphere were so fulfilling, definitely worth all the dust!!

What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming DJs making? / What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

For me, personally I think we tend to want to gain a lot of recognition as up and coming DJ, forgetting the importance of prioritizing yourself as a brand and to master the art of your craft fully - Being patient and giving yourself time is a key, all in all its always a creative learning process, the more you practice the better quality your DJ sets become.

What are your wise words for Girl Power Motivation?

Trust yourself and the process. Liberate all the feminine energy within you baby girl, cause you magnify the Universe!!! x.

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How is the response from family and friends that you are a DJ?

It’s been amazing actually, although they never expected it, they truly do support my passion and I am forever grateful for that.

What is the motive behind most of your mixes?

It’s been a while since I’ve actually curated and recorded a mix, I am looking forward to recording one soon though.

We are constantly in the process of change as we are constantly growing and evolving through life, trying to become the best version of ourselves. The mixes I curate mostly derives from a contemporary feeling or sonic mood that I want to creatively express hoping others can relate, connect and just wave to it.

Follow & Step into her spaceship: #ANDRD18.

Mixcloud & SoundCloud: @ANDRD18.

Instagram: @_simonay__ 

Facebook: ANDRD18


Stream ANDRD18’s mixes below:



More from ‘ANDRD 18.’ coming soon. Stay tuned!

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