April 21, 2023

A Quick Chat with ZuluBoy: Skandi Rap | What makes a Good Rapper | Childhood Memories + More

As a Skandi Rap Originator, What's your take on the New age Mzansi Rappers who tap into the American trends?

I think it all has been influenced by Skandi and the New Age Rappers have done well to keep black culture alive

How do you balance your careers; Music, Radio and Acting?

I’m not doing anything at the moment but when it happens, it all works itself; work and having management plus an agent

What makes a Good Rapper according to your opinion and experiences?

A good rapper has skills in creative writing, using similes and metaphors. someone who reads well and well spoken. Someone who uses vocabulary and lyrical attractive

During your childhood, what funny character were you known for? Lol

I used to sell cigarettes in school

What can the fans expect from ZuluBoy in the near future?

They can wait for now and when the time is right they will see.
I have over 150 songs published to date, some of them must catch up

Shout Outs

Shout to all my daughters Dady loves you’ll

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