June 14, 2017

After Robot

After Robot is a fusion rock based concept that allows listeners from all backgrounds to connect on a positive, happy and party vibe. We classify ourselves as groove rock and the members are:
Clifford Bryan- Vocals
Josh Pearlson- Guitar
Jacques Jacobs- Bass
Greg Watson- Drums
Who or what got you guys together?
Cliff and Josh started the project in 2012 with the idea to get an acoustic project off the ground but the songs they wrote together just had a bigger sound and so it grew from there.
After Robot… What’s the story behind this name?
Josh came up with the name from catching local mini bus taxis and felt a connection with the name and also keeping it local and lekker!!
What is the motive behind your music concepts, especially your latest track?
The concepts have always been about mixing genres and writing slightly complex music in a simple way that can appeal to everyone on some level, but overall the need to enthral the listener in a need to forget their problems and come have fun is the main objective.
Who are the Amazing people or organisations have you worked with in the music industry?
Over the years there have been so many amazing experiences, best thing is to find one of the robots at a show and have a chat about it- if you have an hour to spare that is.
Which performance was a success amongst all your performance history?
Probably STRAB Mozambique 2013 was the gateway for After Robot, the amount of doors that opened from that one show helped After Robot in leaps and bounds.
One word to describe After Robot?
Is there a difference between After Robot as artists and After Robot in everyday life?
Not really, After Robot uses everyday life experiences as the main influence in writing the music.
How do people reach After Robot if they want to know more and see more of your Work?
You can find After Robot everywhere from Facebook, Twitter ,Instagram, and YouTube the album is available for stream or download over all online music platforms that music can be bought or stolen(iTunes, Google play, Amazon etc)
Any updates ahead? Projects or events that are about to take place?
After Robot leave on tour early July, they start at the Innibos festival in Nelspruit then head to Jbay for the international surf competition then it’s all the way up the coast, it should be about a 20 day tour. Krank’d Up is also an exciting one coming in September and of course there is a big one coming in October(but we are not allowed to mango… I mean talk about that yet)
Surely there are some people out there who wish to be like After Robot, how can you guys motivate them?
After Robots biggest mantra in the band which has had them come out on top over and over is…’ Don’t let anybody tell you what you can’t do!’
Who do you want to send your shout outs to?
Big shout out to Rymes with orange productions, Silo pictures, Empire tattoos, They have been with us from the very beginning and we love those guys much and every hard working sound guy, organiser, booking agent, venue owner(you guys and girls all know who you are) they have had the pleasure with and most importantly the fans and people who support the scene, without you guys there would be no us!!!
(Bonus) Who’s the funniest in the band and how?
Greg is probably the goofiest in the band, Josh is the silliest, Jacques is the wittiest and Cliff is a grumpy old fuck (haha no just joking)
After Robot thank you so much for your time, wishing you all the best of luck in all that you do, keep on doing the amazing work J
Thank you J we look forward to seeing your mag do super well!!

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