March 6, 2019

Ajani Hendrick is Back with another Brand new single “Thank God You Cheated!"

Thnak God You Cheated artwork

Ajani Hendrick makes music with the goal to spread positivity and good vibes with the world, as well as amazing music that inspires people!
Through the artist’s very own label, Silver Lining Records, Ajani hopes to spread art, beauty and positivity, enriching life, and the whole world, one song at a time!
Following Ajani’s previous release, “If You Didn’t Know,” he is now back with a brand new project entitled, “Thank God You Cheated.” The song has a catchy, yet forward-thinking vibe, due to its amazing arrangement and production style. In addition to that Ajani’s charming
lyrics and unique musicality are absolutely one-of-a-kind, making for a diverse and edgy creative style!
If you enjoy beautiful music with a personal and charismatic tone, you’ll definitely enjoy Ajani’s work.
Find out more about Silver Lining Records and Ajani Hendrick, and do not miss out on the artist’s recent releases, news, and events!

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