May 3, 2017

All the way from Portugal, Mocho

Facebook: Mocho
Instagram: lucianomocho
YouTube: Mocho Official
Vitor Mocho (born February 11, 1996), known by stage name mocho is a Portuguese/ English Rapper and Sound Engineer and Video editor. One of the greatest rappers from hometown Montijo,
Mocho hopes he makes it for his family because that's his number 1 priority. Mocho has 12 songs at the moment but there's more coming up, and working on a mixtape called night creature.
He featured on a few songs back in he's home country Portugal with he's friends but since he arrived in England he went solo and he wants to prove to people that he can make it by himself.
As a Rapper/Video editor, Mocho is working hard so his music is known world wide, sharing his music anywhere he can, has fans in America, Africa, Asia and Europe.
all of his fans show him love and wish him all the best for the future. The song with more views on his channel is called Juggin, it was done in February, 2017, Mocho was the one that edited the video. Mocho has been in the rap game since 2011, he was at school and then he decided to write some lyrics just for the fun of it, then after he start liking it and took it more seriously.
so since then he hasn't stopped.

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