April 21, 2021

Chavani Rapper and Producer "JuicyKiller" Makes an Announcement of His Massive Coming to The Rap Game

JuicyKiller (real name) Nhlonipho Brilliant Nkuna, born on the 12th of June 2003 at Elim Hospital  is a Rapper, Trapper, Singer, Producer and Beat maker from Chavani


Who or what got you into Hip hop?

By the time I was in Grade 2 to 3,  I was a guy who would make noise in class by Beatboxing and drumming on tables or singing things that didn't make any sense, and by that time I only thought that was just child's play... I carried on like that until i had to change schools and go lived with my Mother at Tembisa... I was in Grade 6 at Marhulanni Pramy School is where I met some classmates who were Rappers as well and freestyles was for lauch to us... I really liked music a lot but my Mother was not happy about that, she would say things like "its still early for You to focus more on Music than Education"


What else does JuicyKiller does besides Rapping and Producing?

Im a song writer, i sell beats and play football sometimes

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How is the Response from Your Family and Friends towards Your Music Journey?

Non of My Family supports Me on My Music and I dont usually have Friends... I bet not even One Family member has One of My Songs... but they do support me on school things of which im not impressed with... when they say school is the key to success well to me its feels like somebody gave me the wrong key.
My Fans and My Music Partners are the only ones keeping Me Moving... I'm so thankful for My fans, it means a lot


You dropped a hit "Under a Spell" ft Manotry, What's the whole story behind the song and how was the experience working with Manotry?

Uhmmm... Under A Spell its about a Beautiful Girl who uses Love Portions to get what She wants...
Working with Manotry was a very Good Experience because we would sometimes make Beats together but never had the chance to be in a song since we all do the same music, so Finally... we are on Under a Spell together

Your stage name "JuicyKiller", what's the story behind it?

Actually My First Stage Name was "Raizer" but then everyone was Raizer on the internet or social media... so I created a name where if you search, I'm the only one appearing on the results and I like how Rappers say I got the "Juice" so I'm killing it, You know what I mean?


What makes a Good Music Producer according to your opinion and experiences?

The only thing that i think makes a Good Producer is providing what's really needed at the time... Providing what people want to hear, something to calm them down and what they cant resist to move their bodies on... something that will make their day a "Blessed" one even when they've been through alot


What is the Good and the Bad thing about Mzansi Hip hop according to your experiences?

The Good thing about Mzansi Hip-hop is; some artists create good music and earning money out of it
And the Bad thing is; artists who kill the most and probably not earning anything, artists like me... some give up but as for me, I ain't stopping until I show 'em the best of JuicyKiller


Few years to come, where will JuicyKiller be?

Everywhere around the World... even if there's people living in space, they will get ma Sh*t on repeat


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Shout Outs

Shout to the star creator my Parents, shout to My fans, I really Love You Guys ...and Shout to WisaniSite Records

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