June 2, 2018

Check AKA X RBK - Classic Street Anthem, “Practice”: Witness the Making of A Classic

AKA X Reebok - Classic Street Anthem, “Practice”

Aka 1st
May 29th sees the release of the epic street anthem “Practice”, the fruits of an inspired collaboration between AKA, Africa’s largest selling hip-hop artist, and Reebok Classic – the world’s most iconic street culture brand.
pj morilly
AKA is a fantastic fit for Reebok Classic as a brand. He personifies confidence, style and performance.” Comments PJ Morilly, Brand Director, Reebok South Africa.
There is a shared ambition of excellence between both AKA and us as Reebok, to always be acutely relevant and produce stuff that surprises and delights fans and followers.”
People have been able to watch the collaboration develop over the last few weeks on social media – with a unique window into the world of sessions in the boardrooms, gyms, recording studios, clubs, and restaurants that have gone into this endeavor.
The track samples an interview with the charismatic Allen Iversen – iconic basketball player, and Reebok athlete. Iversen talks about “Practice” in a way that sounds as if it his words were purpose-built to intertwine with the lyrical brilliance of AKA.
allen iverson
I wanted to create a Classic, something iconic and timeless” says AKAI got thinking about how there’s no shortcuts to greatness, you know. You gotta put in the work. You want to run out of space in your safe and trophy cabinet? You gotta sweat.” Clearly drawing on his own commitment to his craft, AKA went on to say “…that lead me to the concept of ‘Practice’. When I came across the Iversen interview about practice, and realized he was a Reebok athlete, I knew I was onto something special.”
johnny marques
We wanted to create a campaign that did just justice to these two epic brands” said Johnny Marques Chief Creative Officer of Hats Rabbits Advertising, Reebok South Africa’s agency of record. “People are willing to be loyal to brands, but they want true value from them. They want access, and experiences. This campaign was all about providing a window into the world of an epic collab, and bringing fans along for the ride.”
Jasyn Howes of Direction Films was the Director chosen to deliver the visual articulation of “Practice” for the music video. “I’d always had the idea that it would be great to shoot a music video in a single take. This concept presented itself, and felt like a perfect fit. To execute a 4 minute, 20 second video in a single take would be the ultimate physical manifestation of practice – and completely impossible to do without a lot of it!Jasyn went on to say “AKA was equal to the task, and then some. Top tier talent. He did not only nail it, but made it look easy”.
The video premieres on Trace Urban, and Trace Africa on May 29th.
Fans are invited to sign up to Reebok Delta at ReebokDelta.co.za – the exclusive club for Reebok ‘insiders’, to download the track and/or music video from the members’ area free of charge.
Check behind the scenes / the making of "Practice" By AKA below

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