October 26, 2020

Craig - Still (Lyrics Video)

Still is a Song by Singer and Song writer Craig, dedicated to a Lady that was close to him who unfortunately passed away

"I wrote Still for Lerato. There were hardly any new phrases in the song. In one way or another, Lerato had heard those words straight from my mouth. We had so many ups and downs, we looked like an equalizer booth. She never tried to change me... nor did I try to change who she was. In a way... I was ready to love her in any form she took. Even now, where her flesh and bones are not within my physical reach.. I do love her still. I choose her still.

After her funeral, Craig drove back home with his brother PsyKick for about 5 hours... without a second breath, they setup and recorded for 7 hours straight through the night. The project was done but was only mastered in the morning, "There was alot of crying and a lot of drinking" Explains Craig

This song although very close to Craig's heart, is not different from his other songs,
"I always write about my personal life. I am fully vulnerable through my music, I'll keep releasing singles and EPs until I am ready for a full album... but I don't know when that will be."
Craig says he already has a scheduled release for next month's single...
Looks like there's more great Music the fans can expect from him.


Craig, also known as Dr. Nsuku Craig Masonto, is a South African musician who also happens to be a successful dentist. Having always had a keen interest in musical composition, Craig gradually honed his songwriting skills whilst studying in Dental School. Having dealt with mental health issues such as depression, Craig made the decision to channel his emotion through the medium of music; adding an authenticity to his sound that comes from his honest creative channeling. Inspired by the likes of Frank OceanJames BlakeMatthew And The AtlasJames Vincent McMorrowTravis Scott and Pusha T, Craig has formed his own unique sound that is a true reflection of his compositional talent.

To date, Craig has two releases that are available to stream in his online discography: the 2020 self-title EP ‘CRAIG’, and our featured single ‘still’. Some of his most popular tracks include the likes of ‘Come Around’, ‘Ni kona’, and ‘Home’, Craig's EP Streams are doing very well on Spotify. With thousands and thousands of regular monthly listeners on Spotify, there is no denying the fact that Craig is an up and coming artist that has unquestionably developed a dedicated following of fans.

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