November 23, 2016

Cribby's Interview

Cribby is Dimpho Mongale who is a rapper and a dedicated hustler from Orkney Kanana, who is passionate about art and good music
Why Hip hop?
Hip hop is the genre that inspires me and I know I can use my talent to connect and inspire other people
Who is your Mzansi Hip hop artist role model?
What makes Cribby different from other hip hop artists?
Cribby is different because I can fuse hip hop with African rhythm and reggae beats
Amazing people or organisations have you worked with in this hip hop game?
I have worked with local producers like Mpho Makape, Zilla Surrel, Lebze on a track
One word to describe Cribby?
Do you think you have what it takes to improve Mzansi hip hop to a better level?
Yes, my music showcases my talent to portray a different side to hip hop that is more conscious that people can enjoy
Catch Cribby on:
Facebook: Dimpho Mongale
Facebook page: Cribby777
Twitter: Cribby777
Instagram: Cribby777
Who intimidates you around your area when it comes to dropping lines?
No body intimidates me I appreciate a challenge
Word of Motivation
Be willing to learn and have patience, be patient, be consistent and work hard the music will speak for you
Shout outs
To all those who support me and my daughter Lesedi
First day at high School, how was the experience?
It was fun
Drop that siq verse Cribby
Get up now and go do it/
You got time use it/
Show more love stop hate/
Learn to push back the bad thought and be-you-tiful/
Be bold brave beyond boundaries like a boss/
Recognize the Reason why you wanna go pro/
Limitations are lame learn to perfect the craft and start your generation

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