September 7, 2020

Dancer Tito Khoza Jackson Gets People Shocked By His Moves Impersonating Michael Jackson

Tito Khoza, professionally known as Tito Khoza Jackson or Tito K Jackson.
I’m known as Michael Jackson Impersonator or Tribute Artist. I was born in NAAS Township of Mpumalanga Province South Africa.
I started to like Michael Jackson since I was young. The things that made me to like Michael Jackson is his music, dance moves, love, passion and respect. Growing up, my mother was also a number 1 fan of Michael Jackson. I remember there was a time when she woulf tell me stories about Michael Jackson and the conversation would go on and on, it was becoming more interesting to listening to Michael Jacksons’ stories not knowing that there is a connection between me and him.
Growing up, we used to form a circle and start to dance, each person would enter into a circle and do his/ her own dance move, and my dance moves were different because I used to do a robot dance, side walk and moonwalk.
To me being Michael Jackson impersonator is like a calling, because I’m doing it with love and passion.
I started to notice my talent the time I was at high school. I’ve joined Latin dance and ended up over doing it, up until one of the fans noticed me, he came and told me that now my moves were going out of line, so he suggested that I must find my calling, he told me I was more than a Latin dancer, and I remember me and my friend before we will start Latin dance rehearsal, we would firstly do a Michael Jackson routine, that’s where everything started.
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How would you feel if you met Michael Jackson in person?

I was going feel Blessed because since I was young, My wish was to meet Him

Have you had any recognition from the Jackson's family yet? If not yet, how would you feel?

Not yet but if they can recognise me, it will mean a lot, it will close the gab that I didn't meet Michael Jackson in person and if I can meet the them, I know that I will be able to see his grave and that will mean the world to me and it will be a dream come true
What makes a Great Dancer in your Opinion?
A Great Dancer is someone who go with the rhythm, in order to be a Great Dancer You have to be connected with the music, just like me when I'm on stage, music controls Me

How is the response from Family and Friends towards your Michael Jackson impersonating journey?

I always receive a positive response, that's why I keep on working harder because of the support I get from my Family and Friends and all Michael Jackson fans across the World
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Few Years from now, where will Tito K Jackson be?

That's a good question! Few years from now; I will be a well known Michael Jackson impersonator/ tribute artist because my craft grows each and every time
How is the Covid-19 Lockdown SA affecting your Journey?
Eish covid -19 lockdown SA affected me big time and it continues, because last year I started a one night tour with the King of Pop at Alberton and I wanted to do more different tours this year, on January this year I did lots of preparations and I was suppose to start from the first week of April and other bookings/ gigs were cancelled. I was stressed when they announced the first covid-19 SA, Casemagazine clients were cancelling their bookings each and every day and I saw that the covid-19 is here to destroy every dreams I have for this year, but thank God because I've manage to open my own business
Have you thought of releasing your own music or dance moves to leave your own legacy yet?
Yes releasing my own music is on the line but that doesn't mean I will quit being Michael Jackson impersonator/ tribute artist because I really love and enjoy what I'm doing, My love for Michael Jackson won't die, he will always live in my heart

Surely there's someone out there who wishes to be like Tito K Jackson, what would you encourage them to do?

Yes they are many and what makes me happy is that they DM me and I always reply to them,
What I can tell them is that they have to believe to themselves, they must have self confidence, and for those who are still at school; education is the key to success because this journey is not as easy you see, I've faced lots of challenges and I'm still facing lots of challenges but those challenges makes me strong because without them I wasn't going to be where I am today
Shout Outs
I will like to send my Shout Outs to:
Shaky Russell
Creative concert
White star company
Jackson family
My Family and Friends and all my Michael Jackson fans across the world, without them I'm nothing, shout out to Rap type Magazine thanks for recognising my talent
For those who will like to follow me on social media pages:
FACEBOOK: Tito Khoza Jackson
INSTAGRAM: @titokhozajackson
TWITTER: @titojackson229
YOU TUBE: Tito Khoza Jackson
Wash hands, sanitize, wear mask and stay at home, let's all stay safe
Thank you.

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