June 6, 2023

Dizzie Vee Drops - Get Rich ft a Joburg Rapper Fee Ferrari

The story behind this song is actually all about getting the bag nothing more


How long did it take for the whole project to come together?

The time spent on this project was a lil bit complicated cause I recall freestyling both the hook and verse 2 months ago and last month i wanted to do my monthly drop as usual then I decided to polish this one and drop it but it needed something...a different verse then i hit up Fee Ferrari and in no time the song was finished


Who did you work with on this project and how was the experience working with them?

I've teamed up with Joburg rapper Fee Ferrari and the experience was refreshing, you know working with someone who's interested in the same thing as you just feels so right.


How would you compare “Get Rich” and “Homie” when you look at your fan’s reaction to these two hits?

•The reception of Get Rich isn't much different from Homie but im not sure if i can compare both yet because Get Rich is not even a week old...im just gonna wait and see how it goes


Can people expect a remix on this song or this is it?

•Dunno if a remix should be expected but as time goes by if it is possible then it may happen... it would be a good thing.


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