March 5, 2021

Dj Phatpro Drops - 11:11 Project EP | Here's the Story Behind it

Multitalented producer & songwriter DJ Phatpro releases a new EP.

In most cases when hip hop DJs release projects in a form of albums or mixtapes, it is a matter of getting rappers and vocalists in studio to do the work however with DJ Phatpro, it is a totally different scenario as he is the lead rapper in most of his projects. Not only does he executively produce his projects but he also writes and record all of his songs, while only a selected few rappers make an appearance. It is the same case with his new offering titled “Project 11.11

DJ Phatpro Press Picture

The EP consists of 5 songs and only features two rappers, namely Dominant One from Malawi and the award winning Pedi rapper Mokapoteni from Limpopo

“The main reason why I named my project is that there was a moment when I kept on seeing the number/code 11:11 frequently in such a way that I started paying more attention to it. To me the number already meant a lot as I was born on the eleventh of November [hence 11.11]. I knew seeing this number habitually had a deeper meaning and ‘started to research more about it. What I found was mind blowing as in numerology it is considered as a master number, in addition to being a message from Angels” Said DJ Phatpro
Project 11.11 consists of songs such as Follow, T.I.ME and New Level (that has a music video out already).
Do check out this new project by DJ Phatpro as it is available in all digital stores.

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