June 1, 2020

DJ Phatpro - Gae Limpopo (Remix) ft King Solomon II x Ms Kulie and Spacemunna | Now Available on Musical Platforms

Featuring Limpopo’s finest rappers, DJ Phatpro is back with a remix of his smash road-trip anthem Gae Limpopo. Keeping it clean and simple, Phatpro who released the original version of the song late last year recruited the legendary Spacemunna who goes in fearlessly in the last verse rapping in a mixture of English, Sepedi and Ndebele. The third verse is taken by Sekhukhune’s very own King Solomon who raps in a new school flow showing his maturity as a fine award winning lyricist. Phatpro owning the song, as usual he doesn’t disappoint as he takes the second verse, still cleverly painting a picture of a road trip of himself heading home to Limpopo from the City of Gold, Johannesburg. “The song was well received in the streets and a remix was requested hence I decided to hook it up” said DJ Phatpro. As the saying goes “ladies first”, the Tsonga Princess, Ms Kulie comes in the first verse and she really proves why she was considered for this remix. With a very smart delivery in English and Tsonga, ending it with a bit lazy matured flow, she got raps indeed. Overall Gae Limpopo is a very well kept simple remix that doesn’t feature a lot of rappers but does really represent the beautiful province of Limpopo. If you are in lockdown and really missing home, this is a track for you. Full of content and melodies.
The song will be out on digital stores soon.
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