September 27, 2023

Dollar Cream drops a hit song - Ndzilo ft Brace Thorn Shirimani

The song is all about a girl who I want and she’s on fire,

It’s like I’ve placed a bet with my friends that the girl is mine, so it’s like I’m explaining to her that if you say no to me, I won’t be able talk to my guys anymore.
I really love her… She’s the only one who can take me higher

I worked with Brace Thorn Shirimani, we just sent a project via email, and things were a bit slow as the FL Studio versions were different but I sent him a project as a beat, he recorded at his studio and he sent back. For him it was quite easy because the jam was talking to him. He’s never done this type of beats before but the way he killed it was so amazing, the verse is fire…

So working with BraceThorn was so cool because he’s humble and understanding.
He didn’t need any explanation but the verse that he added there… it was like we were together in the studio the way he wrote and delivered everything on the song

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