February 4, 2023

Female Rapper - Enigma BoomtrapQueen on What makes a good Rapper | Experiences as Female in the Game + More

Who is your main inspiration in the hip hop game?

-Woow, Where' would I even begin? I get inspired by alot of artists. growing up, I've listened to Hip Hop music involved as genre, from old school to new school but the 1st time I was introduced to Hip Hop it was Spaza music, then out of that I was introduced to the likes of Tupac, Biggie, Lil Kim, Queen Latifah and so forth.

What is the good and the bad thing about being a female rapper in your hood according to your experiences?

- Well I grew up from one City to Another, i don't really have a hood or City that I'd say I'm from or are holding me down and I really don't mind cause sometimes where you from can restrict you from being a better version of yourself. Sometimes that comes with a lotta expectation on how your sound should be, so I'd say being a female rapper comes with alot of males thinking they can have an easy pass on you cause you're a female and sometimes not taken seriously cause you don't fit a certain stereo personality they want you to.

Music, Acting and Radio Presenting… if you were to choose one, what would it be and why?
-Hahaha Woow, didn't see this one coming, I'd still chose music mainly because it was embedded into me since I was baby and coming from a musical background. But I love all three. Acting has made me a better performer cause I always have to be in character cause I'm naturally an Introvert.

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What makes a good Rapper in your opinion?

-Good Flow - You need to need a great sense of rhythm and vocal agility. It's not necessarily how fast you can rap, but how accurately your words land on every beat. Also, it's important switch it up to keep it interesting.

Emotion - What I mean by this is that you don't necessarily have to be edgy, cool, or exciting, but just captivate your listener through conveying whatever emotions you're expressing. For example, if it's a sad, heartwrenching song, play into it. Rap is very a theatrical genre of music. Of course it doesn't have to borderline campy, but have some emotion. Make your listeners feel your happiness, sadness, joy, excitement, or whatever!

Enunciation - It really depends, but for the most part, the listener needs to understand your words to a certain degree unless it's a stylistic choice. Mumble rappers aren't that bad. It just depends on the context.

Vocal Presence - A good rapper has a round voice that can command the listener. Obviously, this is very subjective, but they need a voice that is not only heard, but captivating.

Personality - Being a rapper is like a brand. You need to craft your own persona to really connect with your listeners. However, that doesn't mean you should be one-dimensional. Your personality should be dynamic enough to at least cover different moods, styles, and sometimes even genres.

Lyricism - This is extremely important. Your lyrics, if well-written, should read like a great book of poetry.

What is one thing that you love when you are on stage performing?

-When people sing along to your songs and just being in the moment. For me being on the stage is when I am most alive and I can be whomever I want to be. You know that nervousness you get and those sweaty palms that can you having the best nights/moments of your life.

How is the response from your family and friends towards your music journey?

-Only one or 2 of my friends has seen me perfom lol. Not even one of my family members has seen me perfom unless on Tv but never in real life. It's always people that you don't know that will always give you the most support. If you have people in your cycle that support your hustle, you are the luckiest human being on the planet and don't take it for granted.

What do you Write about on most of the songs that you write?

-Recently I've written songs mostly about Love, betrayal, grief and more love lol..
I have an Ep coming as Enigma BoomtrapQueen and another Joint Ep as S. A. M ( Simply. About. Music) with RxchUnknown who has been pushing me outside of a battle Enigma and for me to embrace my vocals and femininity. I've been hardcore all my entire career and now people get to see the other side of me. Doing Good Music..

What is this One Song that made a lot of people love you or one that made people know about Enigma?

-It's Definitely No Validation and Haibo but I can't choose from both.

Enigma… what is the story behind this stage name?

-Enigma BoomTrapQueen soon to be Nigma was given to me by an old friend of mine who said my personality and music capabilities were total opposites and couldn't phantom how could I be one person when I make music and how raw and beastly I sounded and how my natural personality contradict that. Lol An enigmatic person is someone who is a bit mysterious to others. Behind an enigmatic smile are thoughts impossible to guess.Enigmatic people can control their emotions and passions so that the front they present to the world appears composed, calm and unruffled.

Few years to come, where will Enigma?

-Expanding in the Industry not just as a musician but an Artist at large. Hopefully I can one day start my own scouting agency, mentor young women and change lives.

What are the wise words can you tell to a person who wishes to be where you are?

-It gets tough, it get scary, it's never easy, Lotta people will doubt your capabilities but whatever happens never lose faith in yourself and understand you're are here for a reason. You got that gift for a reason. So use it and break barriers.


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Shout Outs
Everyone whose been there for me, supported me, pushed me beyond my limits, my kiddos, my partner in crime RxchUnknown and every stranger that I always meet that make my day. People who stream my music, go to my shows and belive in me. I love each and every one of ya'll.

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