June 21, 2021

From Plk to Tembisa, Rapper Mag Rises and takes over Mzansi Hip hop

Born in Polokwane, in the dusty streets of Kgohloane, Mag is an emerging Rapper who is taking the Hip hop music industry by storm. The Tembisa based rapper has been recording music for over 5 years and has so far managed to bag 3 projects; Music + Times (2017), YDDM (2019), Kookies (2020) under his belt.

Raised by a single Mother, Mag emphasises that the only way to making great music is staying true to yourself and your story, regardless of your background and challenges.

After graduating from university in 2014, the young artist worked for a few corporate companies, which eventually led to the inevitable.

From his collaboration project Music + Times with a Pretoria based producer Just Couga, the pair managed to score a fair play from Radio and TV with their smash hit single ‘Living My Life’. The video played on 1kzn TV and Soweto TV while the song played on few online and community radio stations.

In 2018 the Rapper took a break from the music space to focus more on his mental and emotional health, and during this time He was also working on his new authentic sound. We heard a dash of this sound in his 2019 release, YDDM, but it wasn’t as clear. Mag has moved from making music purely in English to almost Rapping in his own Language (Sepedi) all the time. Mixing Kwaito, Amapiano and Hip hop, Mag has taken his sound to a whole new level. The sound is so clear on his new EP entitled ‘Kookies’ (2020) which got him the song of the year award at the Hip hop Cares Awards 2020, hosted in Limpopo, Jane Furse.

Mag has shared the stage with some known & unknown artists and his energy has never been less amazing.

The Hip hop Cares Award winner and Bluemoon Records signee and co-founder says he is here to stay and is someone to definitely look out for in 2021 and beyond.

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What is the good and the bad thing about Hip hop according to your experiences?

There's nothing bad about Hip Hop, that's my opinion. However, I think people would think it's bad because of what it is associated with. And that very Association is what makes it such a great artform because it rebels against the system wich is the norm. So the best thing about Hip Hop is that it empowers and it gives confidence.


If you were not a Rapper, What would you be?

Haha I would probably be an IT Technician/Developer or something of that sort, because that's what I studied for... I think that's what I would have been. Otherwise I think I'd be a great politician ?


What do you think made You win the Song of the Year title at the Hip hop Cares Awards that other Rappers must take note of?

Besides the fact that I'm very dope... I think it's my consistency. My consistency in making music when nobody is watching, My consistency in learning and growing My sound and just how I treat Myself as a brand. I think most Rappers are so obsessed with their dictionaries so much that they forget that there's other qualities that makes you a complete Brand.


How is the response from Friends and Family towards your Music Career?

Now? They're are my biggest fans, but it wasn't like that in the beginning. It actually only started making sense last year. Yes I had friends who already understood where I was going with this, but now I've managed to turn most into believers


Mag... What is the Story behind this Stage name?

So I don't know if this is happening across every hood in Mzansi but where I'm from, in Pololwane, if your name is Thabo, then your Street Government Name is Magesh. I don't know why or who came up with it but at some point in my early high school it just started becoming a thing. So when I started taking the music thing a little serious I knew i had to change it to something more appealing to my identity and also bearing in mind that there's already a Legendary Magesh (TKZee)


What is one thing that people think You are which You are actually not?

Arrogant. I've grown to embrace it though, because it keeps a lot of stuff away from me.


If You were to Change one thing about Hip hop around your hood, what would it be and why?

Platforms. There are platforms around the hood but they are for other people. I don't know why people don't take Hip Hop serious. Actually I kinda know, and that's something I'm hoping to change


In Few years to come, where will Mag be?

Hopefully in a Rolls Royce with My Wife and 5 kids.


Who is your Celebrity Crush and why?

Hahaha I don't know man... thing is I'm not that guy ? I do look at celebrities and think they're hot but I don't think I have a crush. Like I watch TV and see hot girls nje.

Mag on #RideOnMyBeat


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