May 5, 2019

From Zim to Mzansi with Greatness | The Rapper "Twice Given" Keeps the Record with his latest Hit: "Do it Again"

Tinashe Dupwa (born February 25, 1999), better known by his stage name "Twice Given". This is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. TwiceGiven was born in Zimbabwe then from his childhood to his teenage years spent his time back and forth from Zimbabwe to South Africa. He was raised by a single mother after his father died in 2008.
At the age of 8, he started doing music after being influenced by mainly his uncle and also listening to a lot of hip hop music. During the year 2010, he released his debut track which he recorded in Brakpan (SA). Having to travel back to Zimbabwe in 2012, also got him an opportunity to release his debut album “We Revolting” which was done jointly with his brothers. Within that period of time, he got a chance to perform at one of the biggest hip hop shows like Changamire Hip hop festival and also got a couple of interviews at one of the biggest TV shows like YGT (Young Gifted and Talented) shown on ZBC TV which eventually boosted his fan base.
Moving back to south Africa, he now had enough motivation to burst through as he now had a little bit more of musical experience. Got a chance to connect with some SA musicians as he was now so focused on pushing his own music. His debut single entitled “Worst” that was released in 2017 which also got him a chance to perform at a couple of shows around the east rand.
His stage name “Twice Given” was given to him by his older brother (Kev Sage) after discovering that his younger brother had more than just a talent but called it a blessing too. TwiceGiven is now signed under G63 Music, a record label in Johannesburg, which he released his new single entitled “Do It Again”.
Who is That One Rapper Whom you look at and be like "I want to get there!"? And why?
Locally I would want to be Ricky Rick because he's one artist who knows how to keep himself in the game.
If You were not into hip hop, what would you be?
I would definitely be an EDM artist because I consider it the best music on planet right now in terms of creativity and hard work.
What is the good and the worst about Hip hop according to Your Experiences?
The good thing about Hip Hop for me is that, it's the best way to Express your feelings and positively encourage other people without them having to be irritated by the sound. But the bad thing about it is hip hop is misunderstood that a lot of people think that it's the easiest genre, well it's not! That's why we get people not lasting long in the industry. I think that's also how talent does not "seem" to matter anymore but your connection.
What is the Motive behind your Latest single "Do it Again"?
I recorded the track wanting to give people a different sound from what they know me from.
Between Zimbabwe and South Africa, where do you market your music most and why?
I definitely want to market my music in South Africa first though, there's a lot of competition and it is where all there money seem to be then it will market itself in Zim.
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Few years from now, where will Twice Given be?
Few years from now I see myself as a living icon, a business man musically and mostly an uplifter to all talented musicians trying to come up.
What collaboration would you say was the most successful amongst them all?
AKA ft Burna Boy and Da Les - All eyes on me
What are the best tips you can give to other upcoming rappers to make it into the Hip Hop game?
The most important things for upcoming rappers to note is:
1. Be yourself and make sure it's the best of you.
2. Always surround yourself with people who always motivate you in contribution to your career.
How is the response from Family and Friends that you are a Rap Star?
The response is quite pleasing since it's rare for your own family to believe in your craft. They look to see me change their lifestyle.
One word to describe Twice Given?
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Shout Outs
Firstly shout out to my record label G63 Music, Kev Sage, all my family and all those supporting the boy.

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