March 30, 2017

Getting to know Em C Style

You came a long way to where you are right now, how was the Journey
Yeah, I have to admit it was a tough road to travel but with the support i had from my niggas, I had the courage to pull through, so if it wasn’t for niggas like Bastos my manager, Young King, Diggy Tyson, i would have let go long ago, so those are the people who made me, without them there’s no Em C Style, they got my back and front.
What are the difficulties have you met during the journey?
Yho man... like i have said if it wasn't for those 3 guys i would have let go long ago, i remember back in 2012 when i started writing lyrics, i had ideas but i had nowhere to record, So i went to this other recording studio ka Mbokota, we made a track and the track was a hit I'm telling you, People started asking who Em C Style, The niggas i made that track with became jealous, started hating and left me with no place to record, In 2014 i met Lester, that's where i started to record again and my music was loved until now that i have my own records.
Did those discouragements make you strong or break you down?
Lol yeah, they made me strong because i have realised that's the reason why they didn’t want to feature me anymore, it was all because they saw that i go hard on them, so it was also a blessing at the same time.
How is family and or friends responding to the fact that you are Em C Style?
Lol i have a little sister and brother, they love my music and are proud of what I'm doing. As for friends, they also love my music and help distributing by creating links, they also help in shaping my lyrics.
What's your motive behind your writings?
My lyrics are based on true stories, my music defines me, if you understand my music it means you understand me, on the mic is the only place la ni phefulaku kona.
Any gigs or functions that you ever performed to?
Yeah i have performed at the Natic gangs night banger at Lwamondo, and people showed respect even though they were Venda while i do Tsonga Rap, I also performed at Elim for the fund raising of the combined school xa Muthuuthu ha dini.
How do you deal with the stage fright?
Lol unlike others i don't take or use, mina i just believe that people will love what i am going to do, so with the confidence that i have, I love myself too much that i won’t even stand the smoke of grass burning. On the stage, fear none.
Anything the fans can expect from Em C Style?
I might drop an album soon entitled “Pfuka Gazankulu”, worked with Stunna King and Juicy Ash and the help of Boti Makhahlele. I will first drop a single with Dala Fam entitled “Dubane”.
Who do you look up to?
Man i will have to go with Mizo Phyl, the nigga is tight man, he’s inspired, confident, he also loves what he does despite what others thinks of him, the nigga runs Venrap so i also hope that 1 day i will run Tsonga rap.
Who is that one artist that you felt awesome to work with?
Elvis (Elaman) I always listened to his music back in the days, he is good, I always wanted to work with him, so it was a privilege to get to work with the real nigga like him, i also respect the dude he's one of the great.
One word to describe Em C Style?
Tsonga Rap god.

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