April 11, 2018

Goitse Mystro - Victory (Lyrics)

Artist: Goitse Mystro
Title: Victory
IMG 20180409 WA0025
Uh yeah ke goitse ena o fitlhile
Ke tsene le mapara and ke a bona gore le kwatile
Wanna see my downfall
It’s the way im seeing the situation
I bet you’re feeling mad wanna see me crawl
Down and out depressed stressed all the time
Just trying to put a man down
Denying me my crown uh yeah you god damn clowns
You’re hoping for me to drown
It’s so sad. To be living like that you must be mad because im bad
That when you turn the tv on
Man the sound of my voice while checking my video
Well i know you can enjoy it more while having in your hands a bowl of cheerios
Trying to understand one of my many scenario
Im sorry ke maswabi thata keep on hating kere ta
Ka gore pretty soon ke tlono letlogela kare ta ta
Se se sa feleng sa tlhola
Pelo di botlhoko bona nou la gotlhola
Ketlo dula kele tlhola
All of a sudden niggas wanna be backup singers
They’re tryina hala at me
I didn’t just get here im made i prayed well sometimes
I did not give up throwing in the towel never god is alive i stayed
Sitting down sipping my lemonade all day while getting paid
A masquerade me never
Imagine if i imply that i can touch the sky
I fly high i can take you to mumbai
I’d be a lie but i’ll take you dubai
I mean i’ll take you to hami town
Ka go bontsha dr malinga
Ka go bontsha ntlo ya mmantuli maputla wa skeem saam
Ne o sa jaje ke bone fela tjo
Bona ga a dijaje mmotse otswa skraal
Bare g wa xhoma ware xhoma xhomela wa swenka swenkela
Botsa ditsala tsa gago kasi ya e baka ya fisa
Goitse ena o fitlhile
O tswa hammanskraal
O phuma hammie town
O phuma skraal
What do you know ga o njaje gake go jaje
Hammie town ya dibusa you’re jealous of my victory x3

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