September 11, 2017

Gwizo - Alright (Lyrics)

Verse 1(Gwizo)

Look at the skeem
Look at the heat
Look at the steam
Living beyond my limits
They hate it when I rise above demands
They talking as if they knew the kid
Mama praying I don't fall
But this haters wanna grab a negga down
We in some motion
Heavy on your ear
You can't withstand the energy
Something sprituial
Plant my seeds
look at the growth
Got my garden now you wanna feast
Funny enough negga be all beasty
It's never dark in the heavens, when haters throw shade I'm the star
Let my voice be the wind
Blow this haters with some cold
My ninjas be dark night
Never change like the bat man
Stay true to the culture
Man I'm moving on a different state
Now they wanna grab the kido

Look at the haters they hating
Look I'm just chilling but I'm all
Mama told me to pray but I'm all
Me and my ninjas we are alright
Me and nnjas
Me and my ninjas we are alright

Verse 2 (Drewski)
I Came in the game with the Gang n my family,
Push start on my grind young ninja had to leave keys,
But I'm Still on the Ave with the same ol' realest Gs,
Everything alryt wen the whole squad touching cheese,
cud give a fuck abwt a hater,
But I only give a fuck ma ninjas n the paper,
Squad got the flavours,
I can see why they hate us,
Pull up all black like we vaders,
Sipping on Goose with no chaser,
The shit I be rocking the latest,
That big booty bitch be the latest,
No fucks for a hater,
Unless they be serving me paper,
I'm just tryna blow like alqueada​,
I jus pray to God He My Saviour,
Then certify with my labour,
These lazy rappers off radar,
All that talk talk never phase us,
They got shots fired but never shake us,
Dawg We been Alright ain't non changed up,

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