February 5, 2018

Here's why Phaka Jr says he runs TUT Hip hop

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Phaka Jnr is a rapper from Limpopo, Tzaneen from a place called Bolobedu South. I Rap, Sing, Produce Beats and I also Mix and Master songs.
Why Hip Hop?
I was a fan of house music once, until my brother introduced me to hip hop and I fell in love with it from there. I used to be inspired by the lyrics he was always writing and I wanted to do something like that.
What are your influences in your music, especially your latest track (Bad Blood) and who are your favorite Hip hop artists
I make real music. Like, I talk about life, I talk about the things I’m going through, be it pain, happiness, my beliefs etc. Music is like therapy to me and I also like the fact that other people especially my fans are able to relate or heal from certain things that I talk about in my music. Bad Blood (latest track), was dedicated to my late cousin who passed away last year in March, it was because of an old beef he had with some guy. My favorite artist is NF, He’s one artist that I listen to all the time and he inspires me a lot.
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What do you think of the Hip hop scene in Mzansi?
I actually like what’s going on with South African Hip Hop, It’s growing so fast. Not to say that I’m impressed with every rapper but most of them are doing very good.
Who are the Amazing people or organizations have you worked with in this hip hop game?
So far there is no one. But I’m really looking forward to working with most of them soon.
In what/ which ways has your music changed from when you started?
I’ve always improved in my music and the growth of my music just kept getting better and better every time I work on a project. So, basically I always make sure that the next project is better than the previous one.
Would you say You Run T.U.T Hip Hop somehow?
Up to so far, I’ve listened to most of the rappers in TUT and I’m not that impressed with the craft. So, I think I’m better than most of them. So yes!
One word to describe Phaka Jnr?
You can follow Phaka Jr on:
Instagram @PhakaJnrSA
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Surely there’s someone out there who wishes to be like Phaka Jnr, how can you motivate them?
I’d advice him/her to focus on their music and be real in their music. Your music shouldn’t be about money and women that you don’t even have. Be a musician with a difference. Be Real. Make real music.
Who do you want to send your shout outs to?
I’d like send my shout outs to Michael Jean, FFortune, Rockey, Blitz, Andile and Short Gun
The childhood day you got embarrassed during your, what happened?
Lmao, uhm I think most of the moments were I felt embarrassed was in high school. Like, I was one of the noise makers so when the teachers got enough of it, they’d say some very embarrassing and hurtful stuff to me.

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