April 4, 2019

I Run Chavani! Says Babe Jake - The Singer on Some DanceHall Vibes "Ti Mbela Mina" to Drop Soon

Matimba Jake Makhubele well known as "Babe Jake" is the multi-talented man of all tunes and genres, I was born and breaded in Chavani Village just outside Elim. I was blessed with this gift to share with the people and to speak from my heart through music. I was born to make music, I fell in love with Riddim Reggae as it consists of Pop / Rnb and Afro Hip hop. What makes me stand out from other artist is my unique style of combining all types of genres.
I have worked with various artists around my region including the likes of EmC Style, Juicy Ash, G Ice, Manotry, Young Rollet, Rasta Snuku, Dk DJ Tshembo and later last year I featured the well-known DJ Timza on a house song
I aspire to have a hit record in every Genre, I always tell myself that the sky is the limit, there are no borders and no boundaries, I never caged myself and I work very hard
I have been active since 2014 but had first breakthrough hit in 2017 with EmC Style on a song entitled "Hayi ka Mhana Mina", the song is now is nominated on GCR FM Xitsonga Cultural Music Awards on the category of Best Xitsonga Reggae to be crowned this coming April
I’m well known for integrating positive socially conscious subject matter into my music drawing inspiration from personal experience and today’s everyday life with hit songs “Xaka ra mina”, “Milorho ya mina”, “Makhelwani”, “Rirhandzu ra Manana”, “Wa cata”,” Xikhongelo”, “Mind blowing
IMG 20190404 WA0005
Who or what got you into Music?
My cousin Musa Neville Makasani. He was the one who intruduced me to music softwares back in those days, he shown me how to record as I used to sing at church, that's where I learnt how to play musical instruments and trained voice transposing
If You were not into Music, What would you do?
I would be a Radio presenter, I was born with a sweet voice
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Mixing different Ganres, How would you do classify your type of Music in one word?
What is the Motive behind your Writings?
My latest song is entitled "Ti Mbela Mina", this is a dancehall rap african beat that talks about the old Tsonga cultural song, we seem to have forgotten to teach the young generation our cultural songs and dances. Instrumentally I'm edging for those days when we were growing up listening and being taught our culture for future generation
The track will drop very soon so stay tuned...
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How is the response from Family and Friends towards your Music?
Very positive, they are really supporting, I don't know where I would be if they were not there in my music journey because they make sure that my music is spread out to the world, some of them organise gigs for me
As One of The Good Artists in Chavani, Would You say You Run Chavani?
Without a doubt! Best vocalist around Hlanganani area who sings many genres in music they call me the Multi-Talented Jake de Vocalist
Babe Jake... What is the Story behind this stage name?
Babe Jake was my child hood Nick name back in those days... I was named after the late Legend Baby Jake Matlala. I loved fighting so that's how I got the name, I didn't want to lose that popularity, everyone knows me by that name and only few call me by my real name
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What does it mean to you as an Artist that you were nominated at the GCR Music Awards?
I'm very much grateful and feel honored that they recognized me as the best to deserve an award for the music I'm bringing to the nation, the first day I was told the news, I had so much tears of Joy thanking God for the opportunity and Blessings I received
What are your Wise Words that keep you going as an artist?
Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality and let the world enjoy through music, If you strive for the top and miss, you will still beat the pack
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Facebook page: B_Jake SA
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Tinkawu Entertainment, Cash music production, EmC Style, G ice, Dala FAM, Juicy Ash, Dope Kid, Manotry, Tonny Boy, Stunna King, Ras Kid, Dj Timza, Dj Bayani and my proudly fans

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