October 9, 2017

Illest King -More (Lyrics) ft Wizibeats

On the grind everyday,everyday never quit
Money this money that on some young nigga shxt
I wanna get more more
I wanna do more more
Niggas gon' hate more more
The city gon' love me more
Verse #1
Lately nigga I been stacking up
Money coming Buh I want some more
Niggas hating they gon' hate me more
Hotties love me they gon love me more
I'm still on the come up but I got all you on pause like they amateurs
I still got my blunt lit I'm toking and toking until I get in a trance
Meditate for your bitch you didn't even see this coming
Take a pic take a pic iller Nigga always stack up
Fuck around and get it she hot like a pedi and she call me daddy
Buh I don't love her we just fuck around mayne I'm down for my shawdy
More hotties coming on my way
More money when I meditate
Life hunnid when I manifest
Shawdy said that she wanna gimme me brains
Verse #2
They be talking like they making moves
Niggas hating Buh ain't doing shiid
I'm talking money nigga check em grills
Ya gf wamme and she want my D
Ya girl said I'm dumb and she gamme brains
My flow need no canoe its making waves
Em niggas can't paddle they die in here
I switch up my flow like I blew a bag
Lucife Lucifer Lucifer
Came out the 6 how im rocking Yeezy's now
Alzebub Alzebub Alzebub
Move out my way man im summoning demons now
The money be stacking my nigga
Them bitches be coming you dig it
Some Hommie be hating you feel it
Tell me about Baggyie I'm like who that
Dumbest nigga tryna beef
You one of em niggas like Dweeb
Niggas hating on the kid
Check who I got on the feat
Verse 3
Wizi Jhus killed hook
Prince&Illest 'bout burry y'all
Niggas tripping keep they laced tied
Or they gon' fall meet the grim reeper
More bodies we gon' catch Nigga
More Hotties we got tap nigga
Shawdy playing dawg and cat hitta
Eat that ass and put in the cab
Cal her friend I want more cake
Shawdy gon' get it I swear she gon' get it
Niggas gon' hateme I swear they gon' hate me
I pray this ish hit a fan
Maybe and make bout 10k
Own stundee private jet
Mamacita on my lap
Money calling and we there
Shady roll up and we blaze
Finna stack up with team
Issa T6 gang shiit

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