May 19, 2020

Inspired by A-Reece; The Rapper TrinkX talks about the Mistakes UpComing Rappers Do that Delay their Growth in Hip Hop

Multi-talented musician, Neo Mekwa who is well known by his stage name "TrinkX" (Talented Raw Inhospitable Non-Kindle Xtreme) is a 21 years old born and raised in the East Rand side of Johannesburg.
He started falling in love with being a musician at an early age of 13. Growing up TrinkX used to listen to A-Reece who he highly rates as his favorite artist that inspired him to pursue music as his career.
As an independent artist TrinkX aims to make a mark in the music industry with dedication and hard work, he plans to get his name at the top.
TrinkX started getting recognition when he dropped his official debut single titled "No Pain No Gain" which featured one of South Africa's hit making producer/artist "Msa" and later on released another single "Tonight" which became one of his biggest hit song that got playlisted on more than 6 radio stations, it scored him radio interviews, news paper article feature and a award nomination for 011 Awards Song of The Year.
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Who or what got you into Hip hop?
A-Reece is the person that i can say got me into Hip hop, back in 2013 after listening to his music i fell in love with hip hop music.
What is the Good and the Bad thing about Hip hop in your hood according to your experiences? 
Bad thing I've experienced about hip hop in my hood is that most people don't really support hip hop music. They more focused more on commercial house music and more trending genres for example Piano music
But the good thing is that a few of those people who love hip-hop in the hood do fully support us hip hop artist. They acknowledge all the moves we make.
You've participated in quite few activities including the awards nominations... what pushes you to work this hard? 
Yes, i have been making quite a few activities such as getting award nominations, doing radio interviews, etc.
What pushes me to do that is the love i really have for music, being an artists is what i always dream about and it is the only thing i ever wanted. I don't want any plan B so i have to push to make it to the top.
What is the Motive behind your music  (What do you mostly write about? )
The motive behind my music is my life experiences, my hustle, my craft but mostly love stories because most people in our age and time that we live in find it hard to deal with the challenges that come with relationships and tend to get depressed. I'm that artist who strives to heal souls.
How is the response from your family and friends towards your music journey?
My family found it hard to accpet that i want to be a musicians because parents always worry and want the best for us but now that i have been making it big, they seen me on tv, newspapers and they heard me on radios so that really made them proud, happy and understand that this is what i was made for and im going somewhere with my music.
My friends are fully supportive they believe in me so much and that keeps me going.
TrinkX... What is the story behind this stage name?
The name TrinkX really has a deep meaning and that has to do with the person who i am. Back in High School i used to tell my friends that i want my stage name to be TrinkX and one of them helped me create a meaning around it which is: Talent Raw Inhospitable Non-Kindle Xtreme. Thats just me!
Few years from now, where will TrinkX be?
A few years from now i see myself making it in the music industry. I always tell myself that everybody wants to be the best and be a the top so i wouldn't mind being just an avarage main stream artist meaing not being big, big but then just be well known and well streamed/viewed artist.
What mistake do you think other upcoming Rappers do that makes their breakthrough process slow? 
One mistake i think other upcoming rappers do that slows their breakthrough process is that they full of pride and they like to compete a lot and by that i mean they always want to make music to prove a point forgetting that the main key is to make nice music for people so they can listen and look up to the music. Therefore Focusing on competition makes you forgot the main point.
Shout Outs

I would love to give a shout out to my whole team including all the artists i have been working with and more especially to my producer who goes by the stage name "Antidote" without him i don't think my music would sound the way it sounds.
I would also love to give a shoutout to everybody that has been supporting me, my fans, my friends, my family and last but not least, i would love to give a shout out to God for giving me life and the talents i have because im not just a hip hop rapper but a multi-talented musician.

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