September 23, 2019

Inspired by Mike Will Made It, Producer McWizBeats ready to take Mzansi Music Industry by Storm

Producer, beat maker, singer and songwriter Sanele Zondo formally known as McWiz Beats born Nov 9th in 1996
McWiz wasn’t really into music he, was just a skater when Boyza met him in 2017, his journey as a beat maker and producer started with Raw Entertainment when Boyza heard one of his beats as a beginner who only just started making beats for 2 months, he was advised to stop whatever he was doing at that point and focus on beat making, that’s when he joined Raw EnT and his craft as a beat maker and producer began... ever since McWiz has been glued to the screen and keys to creating the finest sounds and quality music. He went on to work with ‘Triple P’ as a way to grow and help with other artists but returned to Raw to further sharpen his craft as that’s where he started, on that point McWiz never looked back and has been causing havoc on social media with his quality sound.
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Who is your Favorite Beat maker / producer of all time and why?
Mike Will Made It is my favorite Producer of all time. I am inspired by his Raw Texture of the sounds he uses and he is the motivation i started making beats.

What achievements have You had through beat making so far?

Firstly, i have not only focused on Beat making but also producing. Mixed and Mastered 5 Music Projects so far. Songs i produced been on Radio and Tv interview. Produced soundtracks on National TV Mzansi Magic. Worked with OnCue Interface. I have Reached 20 000+ Streams across various digital platforms and over 1000 followers on all social media platforms. .  Performed on my dream stage @zone6venue. Made it to The "Hottest SA Producer list 2019". Lastly i have motivated alot of young ones with the Instrumentals and my accomplishments in 3years of creating.

What Genre do you produce and why?

Hiphop, Trapsoul, House and Afropop. This helps me to keep being versatile, if i produced one genre! I feel i would run out of taste

How is the response from clients towards your production?

They love it and keep coming for more. Every client of mine knows "Quality over everything"

What is the good and the worst thing about Beat making / Producing according to your experiences? 

Good thing is its a creative world, its a journey and one can never stop learning or know too much. It makes me happy. There is no bad thing about making beats except your family not understanding what you do thinking you just sit home all day on computer making noise  and eating food.

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What is that One mistake that you think Beat makers / producers do that mess up the whole project? 

I feel alot of creatives take away originality and simplicity from some records that they squash away vision of the song. Over compressing or no compression is the biggest mistake.

Which Beat have you composed / produced that you can say it was a success amongst them all?

Almost 6 that been on National TV. If i choose one its Trapsoul Beat titled "Love". It aired on Mzansi Magic (Ubabakhe) movie.

McWiz Beats, What is The Story Behind this stage name? 

Started as Wiz short for Wizard. Was named after the Unique and Organic Hiphop beats i make by a friend when he said i use some sort of spells or which craft to make beats. From Wiz Wiz Wizard we wanted to make it sound as a brand name and it was switched to McWizBeats.

Holla at:


(EMAIL) [email protected]

inbox me @McWizBeats across all platforms

Beat Price list

Lease R450. Exclusive R1000

Shout Outs

My Little 2year old son soon to be 3 "Blessing"

Gave The Culture a Quality Rap and HipHop BeatTape February 2019

Swoosh - Never Seen (Prod By McWizBeats) Out on all digital platforms
This is a Duo of McWizBeats and Speech.
Infinity - F. A. K. E (Prod by McWizBeats)

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