February 1, 2018

It's Jovislash Time!! Is there more hits from Jovislash and Boti Majulie or that was it? Yena aya Kwini?

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Thanks a lot for the opportunity. Well, I’m a comedian rapper, song writer, producer and an actor. I’ve devoted my life to music. I’ve been doing music for the past ten years releasing mixtapes and radio singles. I’m based in Alexandra Township and have by far worked with prominent and upcoming musicians.
Who or what got you into music?
Uhm, for me, music is more like a calling. I didn’t choose music but music chose me. I fell in love with music at a tender age however I was always amused by the production of songs, instrumentals. That’s how my interest in music became profound.
What makes Jovislash different from other artists?
I think as human beings we are different from the word go. I get influence from different artists however I stick to who I am. I am myself therefore I’ll never be the same as the next person, whether them been artists or just ordinary people. Or maybe it’s because I’ve got blue hair, LOL
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Who are the Amazing people or organisations have you worked with in this music game?
I’ve actually worked with a lot of artists in the industry, from the likes of Flabba (late) DJ Sabby, Boti Majulie, Laylizzy, Infa, DJ Phatpro to organisations such as Dubelicious Pictures, Alex FM and more.
You have one of the biggest tracks in South Africa that got many people asking one question, “Yena aya kwini?” What is the motive behind the track “Aya Kwini?”
Thanks a lot. The song is crazy, it’s one of the songs that I’ll look back and say “who would’ve thought…”.
I always run away with whatever that is trending on social media. I make songs based on trends. That’s my winning formula. Aya Kwini is one of them. When I saw a series of videos of Boti Majulie, the old who originally made the phrase Aya Kwini to trend, that’s when I knew that it was about time to make a hit track. I went into studio and worked on the song and immediately tracked the old man down. Luckily, I found his management team. That kinda made the situation very easy. We spoke about the song and how I wanted to release it as an official single. They were more than happy. I didn’t waste no time as it was already festive season. Me and my crew went down to Bambheni, Giyani in Limpopo to Boti Majulie’s home. His team came through as well. We spend some time with the old man and did few radio stations interviews and finally got to shoot the music video. The song became very big and the people responded very well. When we finally released the video it also trended on youtube, featured on tv shows such as TrendingSA, Mzansi Insider, TBTon1 and more. The song is still doing very well, playlisted on radio station. I’m currently working on a remix of the song as well…
From all of your tracks and other activities that you do, would you say the hit “Aya Kwini” was the one that made people to see JoviSlash or better recognition? Or there was more before it?
Well for me, every single song plays a role in growing me as a brand. It is a build up. I’m yet to release bigger songs. Remember before Aya Kwini I released a song titled Bayanya Laba and it also trended crazily and shook the entire industry. Aya Kwini is part of the journey. In 2018 its gonna get even more crazier. Bigger things are coming.
Can the fans expect more from Jovislash and Boti Majulie or that was it?
Trust me, lol. It’s about to go crazy… well let me keep quiet for now. But expect thee unexpected.
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One word to describe Jovislash?
How do people reach Jovislash if they want to know more and see more of your Work and updates?
People can follow me across all social media platforms @Jovislash. Otherwise all my songs, videos and comedy stuff are available on www.thumakamusic.co.za
Surely there’s someone out there who wishes to be like Jovislash, how can you motivate them?
Stay true to you, be yourself as there can never be another you but remember “Work harder and consistently, never stop. When you feel like nobody is watching or listening, that’s the best time to master your art. By the time people start to give you attention, you’ll be far and comfortable with your craft. Try it, it works”
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Who do you want to send your shout outs to?
Everybody who keeps on sharing and appreciating my music. My music goes viral because of people who share it, I value that most. Thank you.
(Bonus) Please share with us the day you got embarrassed during your childhood, what happened?
Lol, let me think. There are probably many encounters. Okay… uhm. I once had a dopest bike (bicycle) in my hood and every kid wanted it. I used brag until somebody stole it. I couldn’t go out anymore and my friends laughed at me.
 Jovislash thank you so much for your time, wishing you all the best of luck in all that you do, keep on doing the amazing work J
Much appreciated. Thanks a lot for this opportunity. Stay blessed. Obsir.

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