February 10, 2020

Ajani Hendrick Drops an Album - "Not For Persons Under the Age of 18"; Now Out On All Platforms

A stunning collection of personal R&B songs with some great melodies and unique lyrics.
February 2020 - Ajani Hendrick is back on the scene with a stunning new album titled “Not For Persons Under the Age of 18,” which stands out as a creative, diverse, and remarkable studio effort with a lot of personality. As the title might imply, it deals with some adult themes and personal topics, often inspired by the darker sides of being in a relationship, as well as themes of loss, longing, lust, and more. The songs on this record are almost tied together with some connections in terms of their meaning, but each track stands out as its own thing.The album features 8 songs, including the opening track, “The Milf Song.” This song gives the audience a perfect portrait in terms of mood and production aesthetics. “Who Did I Marry” is another remarkable track, which channels contemporary R&B vibes with some outstanding melodies and everything in between. “Had I Met You First” is particularly outstanding for its ability to combine poignant lyrics with exciting grooves, giving the audience a full-ranging experience. “Alcohol and Sex” is definitely one of the highlights on this release. This is a very outspoken, no-frills song that gets right to the point with some excellent rhythms and melodies. In addition to that, “All or Nothing” brings so much energy and emotion to this mix, and it ties in perfectly with the next song, “Thank God You Cheated,” a song with a unique perspective that feels refreshing and bravely outspoken. “Alone in Our Bed” also explores romantic themes of love, with a more intimate touch. Last, but definitely not least, “Too Soon” is a perfect curtain closer, bringing the album to full circle. In addition to the beautiful and inspiring performances, the production of this album is definitely the cherry on top, as well as Ajani’s intimate and personable vocals. The sound of this release is very professional and world-class, making for a unique and personal tone.
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This is an album that will resonate with fans of 90s-style R&B, but it will also please fans of the modern wave of the genre, due to its unique sound and crisp production aesthetics.
Find out more about Ajani Hendrick, and listen to “Not For Persons Under the Age of 18,” which is currently available on the web.

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