December 2, 2018

Watch "War Room" music video by Jyz Yorke and the whole interpretation behind the concept

War Room Music Video Interpreted
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The Concept of the Song was initially “Intercession”.
Jyz Yorke thought that it would be dope if the title was more familiar so he chose "War Room" which was still a part of the concept but then enhanced the concept even more.
This is an old song which was not changed that much. It is about two years old and it's main key is "Prayer can change any situation", hich is also the main concept of the War Room Movie.
The Music Video kicks off with two villains which symbolize the hard situations, the wounded version of Jyz Yorke potrays an image of Christ and that he had to endure in order to save us …”…by His stripes we are healed..”.
The 2nd version of Jyz Yorke is still an image of Christ but now he visits them in a form of an Angel.
The 3rd version is Jyz Yorke himself now in the War Room... so this is where he is basically praying and crying out to God for help.
Fortunately the sick patient gets healed and his faith regardless of his situation.
Unfortunately for the lady who is a drug addict, she shows no desire to change and thus God couldn’t save her for she chose that life even when offered hope.
In the hands of the Angel at this scene we see him holding a pamphlet which is a reference to the story of the one that a little boy had and saved a woman who was about to commit suicide.
However the young lady in the clip refuses and her tragic end is not even shown to the audience.
The Moral of the video is that we are all going through situations in life but we have to hold on and keep having hope regardless of how hard it may get.
Let’s pray... which is basically conversation with God and let’s give him all our needs and wants.
Song Vocals By Nh Mill
Beat By Bradlow
Video Directed and edited by Putinwork innovativesJohnson Namholo
Script Written By Mike Aka Holy Mafia
Antagonists- Ismael and Silvanus
Protagonist- Jyz Yorke
The Suicidal Girl – Esther
The Doctor- Mike
The Sick Patient – ISSY
Make Up Artists:
Special thanks to the fans who are showing incredible love to the video ya’ll are appreciated!!!!!
Video Youtube Channel – Jyz Yorke Manifest Kidd

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