February 12, 2019

J-Killer to Drop "New Born" On the 1st of March

The title of the song "New Born " symbolises the rebirth of an artist braking out of the box , the beat of the song. It opens with broken piano chords (arpeggios),sustained chord is played, followed by fuzzy guitar which leads into the main part of the song. The song moves at a fairly fast tempo, an is something fresh that will get the likes of the listeners and the song tells us the beginning of the journey of J-killer as he steps into the "game" aiming for success.the song comes in a form of a message to the youth that is going through difficulties and the song will play a role as a push factor encouraging people to push hard. The song also is a form celebration by j-killer who celebrate his hard work and the success that will yet to follow in the near future.

Song will be marketed By (J & H Gigantic) Pr Company

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