July 16, 2018

Jyz Yorke drops a hit "Taking Over" (Ovandu Ovanene) ft AJ King Track

Screenshot 20180716 091115
The Song Originated from Jyz Yorke's nephews lifestyle, everytime he comes at his house the nephews have their friends around.
However Jyz Yorke Also comes with his friends and fortunately his nephews have to get off the sofas since the big guys have arrived.
What does the Song Actually mean Now?
Uh the song is a command to rappers or artists who are amateur and that don't deserve the throne in the game. Hence the song is titled "Taking Over" which alludes to abdication.
In his Verse Jyz Yorke says: "I am back like a Lion...I am killing who they admire"
Ajay Elaborates and ridiculously kills his verse and ends it by saying "King Track Why You Been a Boss?
Cause I am on my hoo flow they call it Ross"
What About the music video?
We kept the music video as simple as possible cause the song is also pretty much self explanatory. Shout out to Johnson Newno Namoloh for directing and perfectly editing the video.
The Skoro Skoro?
Yeah The Skoro Skoro....uhh wait for those don't know what a Skoro Skoro is basically an old car. So the Skoro Skoro basically represents our brands as artists as its artistic although it is said to be slow and old. The car is just as good as any other car and it will definitely get us "there". And it also clarifies the album cover which was made from an old rusty car so word is don't conclude at the first glance.

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