December 31, 2017

Selimathunzi followed Rap type Mag on Instagram, the founder Jabulani Jay Kubayi couldn't believe his eyes, heres why!?

IMG 20171224 WA0037
Founder of Rap type Mag Jabulani Jay Kubayi went all excited and couldn't believe his eyes after getting a notification on Instagram seeing that Selimathunzi followed his Rap type Magazine's account.
"I know many people won't understand the shock and joy I have for all this, Selimathunzi is one of the biggest TV documentaries in South Africa and I grew up watching it on SABC 1 from way back while I was still young.
Selimathunzi has always been my favorite and every time I watched, I always wished I could appear on one of their episodes one day.
I know I haven't yet appeared but to me it feels like I have appeared already as they now recognized my magazine on Instagram.
Selimathunzi did not only follow Rap type Mag but also commented on the status that I posted appreciating and giving thanks for them for following Rap type Mag, to me it feels so amazing to see all this happen.
I remember back in 2013 when my friend and inspiration Thabang "Freshsta" Sereba took me to "Skyroom live" where Casper Nyovest was performing, just before the "Doc Shebeleza" track was released, We met Zizo on our way out and I felt like following the Selimathunzi crew just to pass by while they were shooting just to at least appear but we had no time to wait as it was late.
So to me it feels like a huge achievement for Rap type Mag to get a following and recognition from one of the biggest TV documentaries in South Africa, I know people still won't understand but I just wish everyone could be on my shoes just to understand the joy I have. Rap type Mag is still young as it only started in 2014 but a recognition from a big company like that its a WOW thing.
To someone out there may be a very small thing but to me it's a Blessing.
Thank you so much once again Selimathunzi...
I still wish to appear on one of their episodes one day and talk about Rap type Mag!
One day is one day, see you when it happens... Duku duku ✌?"

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