June 9, 2019

KblackThaKineticG drops a Mix-Tape "MyLoveForYouTape" on Soundcloud

Artist Name: KblackThaKineticG
Album Title: MyLoveForYouTape
Produced by: KblackThaKineticG,Leghetto,Jonnie Laas
Album Description: Mamelodi based rapper is back with a soulful project titled my love for you which is his second tape since his last drop welcome to kinetic world in 2016.Six tracks of rap soul the rapper leaks matters of his heart on this project.
Mixtape link: https://soundcloud.com/kineticworldwide/sets/my-love-for-you-tape
Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/kblackthakineticg
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kineticmusicsa
Instagram: http://instagram.com/kblackthakineticg
Blog: http://kineticworldwide.tumblr.com

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