November 21, 2018

Lady Pace - Vibe (Lyrics) ft Carbon Caustic [Bhengazzie]

Artist : Lady Pace
Title: VIBE ft Carbon Caustic [Bhengazzie]
Verse 1 [Carbon Caustic]
Place ah burn up cya wi bring out di vibe (inhi..!) yeh wi gat it like dat//
Better ready fi go dung when selector buss ah tune weh ah wicked and bad like dat//
Make sure every cup ah full ah liquor, every chicken afi brai//
Wi nuh seat dung and worry,wi ah turn up di vide//
What ah feeling wi ah bring turn ah house in ah club// everybody get wild,mad vibe wi ah bring//
Anyplace weh wi deh wi ah spice it up//
Wi got di vibe and wi turn it up//
Wi got di fire, 1+1 wi add it up//
Good vibe wi ah bring so wi turn it up//
Chorus..1st part [Lady Pace]
Frah wi step ina di place wi ah turn it up, bring out di vibe cya wi got it like dat//
Never let di money pile up so wi chop it and get more yeh wi got it like dat//
Wi bring out di vibe,it's alright//
Wi bring out di vibe, it's alright..//
..2nd part [Carbon Caustic]
Frah wi step ina di place wi ah turn it up, bring out di vibe cya wi got it like dat// never let the money pile up so we chop it ana get more coz we got it like that
We bring out the vibe,we got the fire
We bring out the vibe its alright.
Verse 2 [Lady Pace]
Everytime i step in ina di building (fire)//
Tell put your lighters ina di ceiling//
Bad gyals, wi' big booties get your whining//
Bing bing bang bang i got you movies//
You see i know you know these niggaz really like me//
I bring the vibes to the vibe like king-kong//
Hing-hong you got me like tching tchong//
Game (--) ping-pong//
And everytime i say a word i know they feeling it//
I yell glasses up next you know they filling it//
007,we ah pah to di sky wayaseh//
Bridge..[Carbon Caustic]
Party people..! Report to di dancefloor..!! Ah good good vibe wi ah bring..!!
Foot work..!(×2)
Dirty wine..!(×2)
Yuh nuh shy..!
Do di dance..!
Good vibe..!!
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