August 6, 2022

Liso Wata Drops - Frankenstein | First and Leading hit from “The Wata Project”

Liso Wata is an artist born in King Williams town, E.C Sound Africa and currently based in Cape Town . “My Single “Frankenstein” is the lead single to my upcoming Project “The Wata Project” and is also My first release since my return to Music thus the title “Frankenstein”.

The song is a message to those who have fallen and risen countless times, to inspire them not to give up and that their heart’s true desires will soon come to realization . This hits close to home for me after not releasing much music, after parting ways with My crew Greek godz back in 2015.

After doing Sound Engineering and Recording for two years at City Varsity, six years producing, recording,rapping, constantly performing, dealing with a lot of personal issues, gate keepers and the general cost of living made it a bit hard to go on.

The pulsating bass line and alternative hip hop sound gives the listener an idea of what to expect on the upcoming Project “The Wata Project”.Its a roller coaster, it draws you in and creates a moment. The beat consumes you, allowing you to lose yourself in it and forget all your stresses. If you are in the mood and attentive and you listen to them you'll catch a deep message of confidence, ambition, persistence and a bit of humor.

It is hip hop after all, and I'm a student of the game, from Msawawa, Mapapusi, Eminem, Kanye, Phonte, Floetry, Lauryn Hill, Biggie Smalls, BB King, James Brown, Al Green, T pain, Lil Wayne, Kendrick, Ab Soul, Saint John the list is endless. These influences give me an unpredictable limitless range thus I have no formula or a “certain sound”, I just take it as it comes and try to put it in song as best as I can. ~Liso Wata

LIiso Wata’s music is mainly hip-hop and R&B with a very distinctive sound. It’s a mix of
beats from the ’90s generation and a combination of the music he grew up with.

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