September 19, 2020

Mic-Ripper Drops "The Showdown" | Taken from is Coming "Rippocalypse The LP"

The Showdown is a track that is hard hitting, it has raw and uncut delivery, steady flow, jaw dropping metaphors and similes, gritty punchlines and a jazzy beat fused with a hip hop feel.
It's just what the hip hop world is craving for. Food for thought.
The Showdown is taken from Rippocalypse The LP. This is a third Effort after the release of previous efforts following 2015's ''Intellectual Design EP'' and 2017's ''Uncivilized Savages''. Rippocalypse The LP is the most critically and lyrically appraised 15 track LP to ever hit the streets, recorded from 2018 and is set to be released end of November this year, with raw, gritty and grimy beats self-produced and laced with off-the-wall lyrics from Mic-Ripper and it features a few rappers from East Rand like Venomator, Jahlom Psyche, Deft-P, Sab Zero & MB Lady (Vocalist). ''According to me, Rippocalypse is by far considerably the most influential and lyrically the best classic endeavours in my line of work and I feel it deserves thumbs up and In future, I hope to earn a gold and platinum for this shit right here'' Lol?? ?
IMG 20200918 WA0001
IMG 20200918 WA0000
Artist : Mic Ripper
Track title : The Showdown 
Project title:  Rippocalypse. The LP
Duration : 2:48
Track no : 08
Prod by : Mic-Ripper
Get the Song on the Link below :


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