September 21, 2020

Mic Ripper - The Showdown (Lyrics)

Artist - Mic Ripper
Title - The Showdown (Lyrics)
Aiiyo I bring the showdown.
To any clown as I come around
as soon as I start to break it down like an unsolved puzzle then I ask you do you get the picture?
Peep my scripture,
best selling like William Shakespeare's collection notes.
Murderous titanium quotes like shogun blades I'm cutting you down to pieces,
flushing you down like faeces
masterpieces bloodsucking like leeches,
got some fly features you creatures are fuckin' sweet like peaches.
Punches are like share cropping on dry fields, they don't land.
My mic stands' my alter, emcees are my sacrifice.
We can go toe to toe. Blow by blow just name the price.
Treat rappers like Celine Dion, I make em' think twice.
Before you may try to attempt to go against the M.I.C R.I Double P.E.R.
We are the world like USA for Africa. My pen game's Excalibur, coz every stroke is magic.
Like David Blaine I bring the pain and I'll have you Slaine like the member of the ''Special Teamz''' for tryna act like,
some mutherfuckin' stereotype. Don't believe the hype,
I get stoned before I blaze the pipe. Phoney rappers are caricatures,
I'm the archetype of rap music. I loved it that's why I chose it.
You chose it for gaining popularity status, my apparatus is my mic , that is my choice of weaponry.
Coz as soon as I step onto the stage with it it's blood shed.
Until the scene is red, on the strength, I'm the best at this you lack at this you sound ridiculous I catch wreck with this.
My appetite for destruction starts crumbling.
Then I commence to eat niggaz like Quincy Jones but I keep it straight.
The Showdown is at it's absolute peak. Even on my weakest efforts I still maintain the winning streak.
7days a week I keep sharpening my bars, concentrating. In deep meditation like a Shaolin or a Buddhist monk.
Pick your weapon let's start a tournament. Fuck battle of sexes I perform sexual harassment on any female who wishes to be my contender.
You got your flows all mixed up in a blender. And everybody's rapping nowadays I don't understand, I get a little rough you start to fold, like bank notes.
Try reading Zulu backwards, meaning you lose coz you snooze. I'm snatching rappers dreams call me the dream catcher. But this ain't no movie it's some live actual scenes, blades sharp as Wolverines, let me spill the beans, I'm the news bearer.
And may the truth be told. Mic-Ripper's the best rapper across the whole of Africa. Ain't no question,
I was made to perfection. Document my life when I'm gone, call it a redirection. Document my life when I'm gone, zz zz. Document my life zz z, zz zz.
It's the showdown. In full speed I never slowdown with metaphors and similes take heed as I lay it down *3
Outro. 2018 suckas. Peace

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