August 15, 2020

Mykyle Drops "La Di" ft Lucasraps, Tyla & Si Xiazi | Taken from His Massive Mixtape "Street Cred" that features 29 Mzansi Artists

The newest wave of talent showcasing diverse collaborations in the South African music hip hop industry is blazing the streets like never before. The third song to make waves on the Street Cred Mixtape, “LA DI” is already on high rotation on several stations, and waving the flag high for this new age movement. We know that hip hop is infamous for its division and beef, but the youth are showing the industry what they can achieved when they unite, and they are a force to be reckoned with. If there is one thing that the COVID- 19 is teaching us: is that we are better when we are united.
Every single track on the Mixtape is a collaboration between 2-4 Artists, carefully paired by Mykyle to showcase collaborations around the most talented young artists in our country. The project boasts 5 female artists, artists from all races & cultures, and lyrics in Zulu and Xhosa to boot.
While the Street Cred Mixtape is disrupting the music scene, Mykyle and his team are preparing for Street Crew 2.0 expected to drop in 2021.
LA DI a fun, flirty, party song and much needed “feel good number to get us out of the Covid-19 slump and into a happier summer. The song combines the silky melodic voice of MYKYLE on the hook, a catchy verse by SI XIAZI, overlaid with an old school style hip hop verse by LUCASRAPS, and finessed with the sultry voice of pop singer TYLA. Even though the song is created by young blood, Mykyle was mindful to create a song that people from all ages can related to.
High Res Image of MYKYLE 1
LA DI is a song produced intentionally to marry elements of old school hip hop with new age popular urban hip hop. LA DI is a song that I wanted people from all ages, races and cultures to vibe out to and I hope it will get everyone out of the Covid-19 blues that we are all feeling. For me the Street Cred Mixtape is an example of what uniting artists in Hip Hop can do for the music industry. It was a privilege to work with our industries newest and best talent, who all shared in my vision for the Street Cred movement. I am proud of what we put out. The StreetCred Mixtape and ones to come is really about uniting a new breed of undeniably talented young and fresh Hip Hop/ Trap Artists in South Africa, making music on an international standard but that also appeals to everyone. My vision is for Street Cred to be the brand that represents the “newest wave” of talent in South Africa and I can’t wait to see how well LA DI does and also to start working on the 2nd Mixtape,” said Mykyle.
His love for 90’s music influenced him to play on the famous songs “La Di Da Di” (by Slick Rick” with instrumental beatboxing by Doug E. Fresh. in 1985) which were considered to be one of the most influential rap tracks of all time, paving the way for the future of story-telling rap. “La Di Da Di” has been referenced / sampled by Snoop Dogg, the Notorious B.I.G. ,Miley Cyrus, Will Smith, Kanye West and many other artists. The last most notably by Mark Ronson in 2014. LA DI even samples a chorus from “Naughty By Natures” ‘Hip Hop Hooray’, a hit song from the 90’s.
The STREET CRED Mixtape is a compilation of collaborations with South Africa’s most talented Hip Hip/Trap and Soul musicians dominating the digital space. The 29 Artists featured on the StreetCred Mixtape include Mykyle, VegasXCesar, Lucasraps, Tellaman, Thxbi, Hanna, Straffiti, Dee Koala, BurningForestboy, SiXiazi, Tyla, Costa Titch, MoneyBadoo, Lastee, CrownedYung, Benny Chill, ShouldBeYuang, VVS Nerve, McKay Gram, J Clu, Dam4Starr, 45 Degrees, Den-imadic, Major Steez, Kindly Nxsh, Sul-cio-Guapo, Sean Swerve, Psycho Trap, & Roman Cigar.
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