November 21, 2018

New Face to Take Over South African Pop and Rn'B: Ajani Hendrick

Ajani Hendrick (Real name Rangana Hendrick Maema) is a recording artist from Johannesburg in South Africa. This is a gifted singer and songwriter who electrifies audience with material that is both uncompromising and unpretentious. In the last few years, he’s won over audiences performing in and around Pretoria before moving to Johannesburg to try and make a name for him-self in the city of lights like he has in Tshwane.
Ajani Hendrick brings a fresh, unique perspective and appeal to modern R&B and pop cross-over that makes him stand out and worthy of remark.
His musical journey began in his early teens when his parents bought him a piano and hired a personal instructor to teach him how to play. The once-a-week piano lessons became a life-long obsession that filled him with a desire and a dream to make music and share his talent with the world.
People started noticing Ajani Hendrick when he started releasing his music online. It wasn't long before record producers in the UK, Canada and the US started paying attention and sent him their beat instrumentals.
This is how Ajani Hendrick linked up with UK producer, Alex Fraser, who produced "If You Didn't Know", a pop cross-over tune that Ajani Hendrick wrote the lyrics to and released on all digital platforms on the 9th of October 2018 through his own recording label Silver Lining Records. The song was well-received and had over 7000 plays on Spotify in its first month of release. If You Didn't Know is also doing well on Google Play Music and Apple Music.
If you were not into Music, What would you do?
Graphic and web design.
Your parents bought you a piano while you were still young, would you advice other parents to buy their children musical instruments while they are still young as well?
I can promise you that learning to play a musical instrument has so many benefits for both children and adults. It builds your confidence, enhances your memory, and improves patience. All these skills and qualities allow you to perform many of your day to day tasks more effectively and efficiently.
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What is the Best and worst thing about Pop and RN’B according to your experience?
The best thing about pop, hip-hop and R&B is that they are the most universal genres in the world. Pop is especially universal because it’s catchy, fun and relates. Everywhere in the world, everyone loves and creates pop music.
The worst thing is that nowadays there is lack of creativity. Look back at music in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Each musician had their own style and each song was different. Nowadays seems like everybody wants to sound the same
Who are the great people that you’ve worked with in your music journey so far?
Dan Mampone, Pontsho Sesoko (who worked with Rhythmic Elements), Alex Fraser (who works with a lot of top indie artists) and Allrounda (who worked with 2Chainz, Styles P, Jada Kiss and many more are included in his production credits)
Who are the great people do you wish to reach out and work with in this music industry?
Cece, Lira, Cassper Nyovest, Dj Maphorisa, Mariah Carey, Brandy, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran... the list is too long.
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What does it mean to you that you’ve collaborated with international artists and how would you tip other upcoming artists that they may find themselves working with international artists as-well?
Most of the guys I've worked with, I linked up with through social media. All you need to do is put your work out there. Follow the people you wanna work with and reach out to them. They might listen to your music and might like it. They might also be looking for collaborators. You will never know unless you try.
What is the motive behind your writings (especially your latest work)?
I write mostly from personal experience. My latest song If You Didn't Know is about my current relationship. We met back in 2015. I was in a relationship with someone else back then, that I had to end because I didn't see future there anymore and also wanted my current girlfriend to know that I chose her and will always choose her. I wrote the song in 2017 to remind her it's always gonna be her.
Follow Ajani Hendrick on:
Twitter. @ajanihendrick
Instagram: @ajanihendrick
Facebook: Ajani Hendrick
Wise Words
Be your true self and speak your truth. Even if it means you are the only one doing it.
Shout Outs
My four months old nephew Tshimilogo. He's the best thing that's ever happened to our Family.
Please share your story on the day you got embarrassed during your childhood
Ha ha… still too embarrassing to talk about.

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