April 30, 2020

New hit from Plagaswiss - Kota Bag ; Now Available on Musical Platforms

Hailing from a small rural area Tembisa Milliken; Mthobisi Innocent Mayisa aka Plagaswiss ka musiq drops a hit "Kota Bag".
This is a sensational hip hop jam of where he pours out his real life experiences, in the song He mentions how life became so hard when he lost his Mom a Decade ago, He also mentions how His Friends and His Baby Mama Switch Up when He went broke... To sum it all up, the Kotabag hit jam is (Autobiography) Plagaswiss's real life compressed into a song
To ease it up "Kota Bag" he means getting Money by chasing His Music Dream
Stream and Download Kotabag on a link Below:


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