August 24, 2020

NPEMG Presents: YGBS GANG's "NTK Waves 4 Days & Days" EP

This is their first-ever and foremost compilation playlist from the crew YGBS GANG.
The project consists of 8 tracks and features Broke Boi Jeff, Punyete Premier League crew members (Loatinover Pounds, Khalee G & Conmansot), and also Earl P Maribe who is also behind the production for tracks 1 & 8. The song “Swak” was released last year as the leading single to the EP.
This project was released through the name NPEMG (NorthPart Excellence Music Group) which is an independent label, the motive behind this EP is to promote and expose all hip hop artists within the record label who are Lex Lega, Khino, SvnthWave, and Keviin. The sound we provide or rather produce is NTK WAVES which is a term used to refer to our genre as is nothing new nor old but a modification to any instrument caused by the elements of an NTK (Ntwana Kasi). A certain type of language, flows, stories & wordplay make up elements of each artist as an individual.
back cover
YGBS GANG is a multi-talented collective of artists from Mothutlung (NorthPart) that entails musicians, producers, graphic designers, dancers, Deejays, and entrepreneurs. The gang consists of childhood friends with similar principles and the same vision. Most songs in the EP are basically about the journeys that each artist has, and still is embarking on.
In the EP NTK Waves 4 Days & Days, Keviin as an all-time favorite, loved by most YGBS fans, the track titled “Parting Ways” which sits on the most-streamed song from the project.
Stream / Download / Share NTK Waves 4 Days & Days on the Link below:



Social Media Handles:
Twitter: @YGBS_NTK
FB: @YoungGunsNTK
IG: younggunsbysoul0268

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