July 30, 2020

OB Magik Drops a New Hit - “Call Back” from His Upcoming Ep “The Blue Pill”

Durban based rising Hip hop artist and music producer OB Magik has released His second single titled “Call Back” from his Upcoming Ep Titled “The Blue pill".
The song is now available on various streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Google Play.
Listen to “Call back“ on a link below:
The song has a chilled kind of vibe to it, with a bouncy feel. It’s definitely a sing along with the catchiest chorus. It’s a relatable track and it will resonate with people in relationships.
The multi-talented artist was recently signed by Durban based Management Company THENDRIC limited and featured on the #KZNlockdowncypher season 3 hosted by Zakwe.
OB Magik was nominated for “The Producer of the Year" on the 031 Awards where he managed to be on the second position. He is a rising star that is an absolute phenomenal music genius, who produces and writes his own music. He is currently working on his upcoming Ep titled “The Blue Pill” that is set to drop in August 2020. People can expect a well-rounded project that will showcase OB Magik’s musical talent and make his presence felt in the industry.
I was inspired to write the song Call Back, when I was in studio working on a random beat and I took a break to call on my girlfriend. I kept calling her and she wasn’t picking up and the call went to voice mail. So many thoughts ran into my mind thinking where she could be; why she isn’t picking my call, does she even love me anymore or who she could be with. I would say I was devastated at that time, cause of all the bad things I was thinking that could happen. The little airtime I had, ran out at that point since the call kept going through voicemail. So I decided to send her a Please Call Me back and that’s how the song came about” says OB Magik.

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