May 31, 2020

OD the KID drops "Pushkin Freestyle" ft Vin Papi and Dyce Trilla

OD the KID, the London born, South African raised Artist created a vibrant upbeat anthem for consumers of Pushkin Vodka. The beat was produced by OD the KID a year prior to recording and during his stay in the Apartment block of Parktown Mansions, he was joined by Rapper Dyce Trilla and fellow TMRW Dance Agency member, Vin Papi, for a unforgettable night.
"The song was from an ad-hoc recording session for Dyce Trilla (2nd verse) on my beat, but whilst Vin Papi was overhearing the session in my home studio, he decided to make a return to the world of rap under the influence of the good vibes provided by 2 bottles of Pushkin Vodka. This unrelenting freestyle session occurred where we exchanged "high school"-esque bars, that fed into our youthful nature as South African youths." - OD the KID
The style is patched together to make an unusual rough mix match of textures which brings a commercial feel whilst still maintaining a heavy New Wave Trap influence which reflects their proximity to Braamfontein, the South African Trap Capital.
This track signifies the beginning of the union between Vin Papi and OD the KID as a musical partnership, so be sure to keep them on your radar as they create more infectious beats, deliver more flows and hit you with more bars.
Stream and Download Pushkin Freestyle On the Link Below :

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