July 30, 2018

Player 1505 To Change Mzansi's Entertainment Movement: The Guy Behind All Your Favorite Trending Video Mixes

Player1505 is a Video editor, Music Producer, songwriter, and record producer, I’m from Johannesburg in Gauteng Province. I started Editing videos and Producing Music at the age of 16, Like Most Well Know Good Music Producers i Started Making Beats In my Bedroom Using Fl Studio and Later On mastered the process of music production and video editing, I later on began using Other Digital Audio Workstations And Video Editing Softwares Like Premier pro, Pro Tools And After Effects.
Would you classify your activities as Vines? Who or what got you into that industry?
No I don’t classify my work as Vines because Vines are clips that usually play for about 7 Seconds, the love of entertainment is what got me into this industry because I started loving doing what I do at a young age.
If you weren’t into editing videos, what would you do?
Since I’m doing two things, which are video editing and Music Producing it means If I was not editing videos then I was gonna be doing music only.
IMG 1575
What recognition or achievements have you had so far though editing those videos
So far it must be getting TV and radio interviews from some of the big shows in the country.
Please tell us about one video that you think it was your best work. What was the motive behind it?
All the videos that I do I consider as my best work because I put all my effort in each and every one, but if I had to pick one then it has to be the one by “Drake, Rihanna & 50 Cent” singing “Umoya” By “Heavy-K”, The Reason why I pick that one is because I spent more time than usual editing as it was hard to pull off because I had to combine 3 different artists from 3 different videos to become 1 video of a single song, and it came out beautiful and amazing.
Are you doing all the amazing work by yourself or there is a crew/team that you are working with?
Lol I’m doing everything by myself.
What changes will Player 1505 bring to the Media or Entertainment industry in the near future?
I will bring new and unique entertaining stuff.
 IMG 1576
Follow Player 1505 On:
They can follow me on my social networks, its @Player1505 on everything, Facebook, Instagram & twitter.
Player’s Wise Words
The aim is to keep pushing and working hard, nothing comes easy in life but through hard work everything comes eventually.
IMG 2148
Shout Outs
I Want to send a shout out to all my  Fans out there, keep on supporting your boy, big things are coming soon.
Below is His Latest Video Mix... Check It Out

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