February 1, 2021

Rapper and Producer from Tembisa "Double-Dash" Uses his Voice as an Instrument to make Beats

Double-Dash (born Thabang Ramasepela Monare), born and raised in Tembisa. Double-Dash is a hip hop artist and a producer who uses his voice as an instrument, displaying precision and agility mixed with heartfelt emotion.
Locals proclaimed the rapper "A gift to your ears". Rector Kgolane (Author) adding "What hits me,is how expressive his lyrical character is".
Growing up in Tembisa, Duduza... Double-Dash formative years were spent around a busy informal settlement environment. He explored his hip hop calling despite the lack of resources within the area.
In his 8th grade (2011) he released his first song with former rap crew (Elements). The year after he matriculated (2016), he then released his first solo project tittled "Illest level". In 2019 he was featured on Musket Ep by his twin brother L-phill
He earned himself a local recognition by working with a local talent like; (True Lies, DJ Achie, L-Phill, Jah Slave, D3, T-killer) and few others. Is quite much done, for an independent upcoming artist.
He Established his production in 2020 (Owam Records), released the first single titled "Imagine" under the production. Followed by his latest single of 2021 "Religion" featuring L-phill (A venture joint with Nido Records)
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Who or what got Double-Dash into this Rap Game?

It all started when I was on my 7th grade, I fell in love with poetry, then later on decided to pull my poetry on beats.

Double-Dash What is the Story behind this stage name?

The name Double-Dash was inspired by an American movie... I related alot with the movie, so I decided to use the name of the movies as my stage name.
If You were not a Rapper, what would you be?
If I was not a rapper I would probably be a hip hop producer, coz I love creating hip hop music.
Which song gave You a big break in this Hip hop game and how was the feeling when that happened?
It will probably be "Illest level", it felt amazing, cause I was recognised by artists, producers and audience from places I don't even know.
What is the Good and the Bad thing about Hip hop in South Africa according to Your experiences?
The good thing is you can express yourself the way you want through your music, and the bad thing is the industry is too picky when it comes to style of hip hop your doing.
What is the Motive behind Most of your writings?
The motive behind all of my music comes from life challenges I face everyday, and the life issues that are not exposed to people.
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You Have a twin brother "L-Phill" and you both Freestyle, if we were to have you guys battle, who would get roasted?
It will be 50/50.

Would you consider yourself a King of Rap around your block or there are some who intimidate you?
Where I'm from we are all kings in our own lanes and hip hop styles.
What makes a Good Rapper in your opinion?
What makes a good rapper is consistent, discipline, knowing yourself deeply and most importantly; perfecting you skill.

Few years to come, where will Double-Dash be?

Double-Dash will probably be on the streets giving his people good music.
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Shout Outs
Shout out to OwamRecords, NidoRecords and SlaveryRecords.
Download Religion by Double-Dash ft L-Phill on the link below:


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